Let’s get married..

14 Sep

It has given me great pleasure to post on US Open 2014.  A deviation today some thoughts on the humdrum of life. I hope do a post on the monstrous convulsive disorder created by ISIS. But for today a lacklustre attendence at a pretty wedding reception.

Let’s get married :

My mother told me affirmatively

We have to attend a wedding reception

Iam the dutiful driver of my mothers society

I who  never been of her dreams

She has no choice nor do I

Whose ” reception” curiosly murmur

Someone younger and someone known

It dosen’t matter any more


The receptions are all always same

My mother busy with  friends

Me and my brother escort her to stage

We both perhaps silently wonder

Our eyes fixated vaccously at  stage

Why are we…

It dosen’t matter any more


I wonder at my brothers frozen thoughts

I shudder and dispense my stupidity

We smile and am no game for small talk

Sometimes a girl or woman is kind enough with attention

It dosen’t matter any more


It always surprises me

How quickly children grow

How times have elapsed

May be am out of scene

Have been  way too out of scene

The women, the finery, the food

The bride, the bridegroom, the stage

It dosen’t matter any more


I do have one pleasant memory

A incident on one such reception

She who had just met me and voluntered

To take me to a  relative’s home

She married to a family known

She kept waving at me half a mile

She wouldn’t stop like a child

As me faded into oblivion

It a moment of  true heart

Nothing clandestine

I never met her again

Perhaps never will

It dosen’t matter any more


Well, there were others too

It dosen’t matter any more

Sometimes my mother and brother

are tired of me and me of them

Neither is heartless enough to disband

Does it have to be like this?

Can this be better?

I would think so…


Yes, Lets get married.


Me walking out of a wedding reception yesterday night. Wedding receptions are never easy for me.

Have a easy Sunday dear freinds. It was a childhood drunk’s childs reception. Never mind the parent the children are a redemption. They don’t know me. I knew their father. He is no more. He knew my father. So…

Am getting lacklustre guess ..

Have a easy sunday dear friends!

Thank you!















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