Martina Hingis and Flavia Pennetta : US Open 2014 Womens doubles Runners up

13 Sep

Martina Hingis and Flavia pennetta played superbly to make it to US Open 2014 Womens doubles finals. Martina is a legend of the game and imagine what would have happenned if she had the oppurtunity to play on continously till date? Martina has five grand slam singles titles , nine grandslam doubles titles and a single mixed doubles grand slam title. Nearly all before 22! There has never been a prodigy like her perhaps. Flavia  pennetta is a Top 10 singles player and has won Grandslam womens doubles title ( 2011 Australian open doubles title Gisela Dulko) . Flavia Pennetta also made it to quater finals in singles in US Open 2014 losing to Serena and was a semi finalist last year. They are incredible players. I also think they make a very beautiful team.

hingis and pennetta

Elena vesnina in her post match interview referred to Hingis as a legend of the game and she is so  very right. Pennetta is a great player in her own right and together they had a incredible US Open 2014, would so love to see more of them, Australian Open 2015 beckons…

flavia penetta and martina hingis

Martina Hingis and flavia pennetta with runner up trophy for US open 2014!

Martina Hingis :

” No, you can’t normally slip away so many opportunities, of course. I mean, it’s a little disappointing that, you know, served well sometimes; sometimes we didn’t go for it enough. Yeah, we definitely had our chances, but when we look back starting the tournament, if you ask me to sign a paper that I’m in the finals, I would probably accept it with my eyes closed. When you’re that close of course you want to win. We beat them before. It’s not like we didn’t have a chance. We showed that we can beat the best doubles teams out there today again, but I felt like the juice ran out a little bit at the end. To push a little bit more, to have a little bit more energy like we had in the beginning of the tournament, I think at the end it was a little bit they were closer, they were more aggressive. Yeah, they pushed more. ”

” And I make the finals. So of course I’m really happy. Still a great tournament. That’s not going to take anything away from that. Hopefully we will have more opportunities in the near future. We’ll go to Asia and try to do our best there, and then next year there is again four Grand Slams. ”

” I think it’s not my job to do that. It’s the job of the parents or coaches to have them play more — um, not individual only like hitting with the coach. Sometimes for me it was always boring to just play one on one. I love playing doubles. But it has to be also the mentality. I mean, as a kid, it’s not the kid who makes the choices sometimes. It’s definitely the parents and the coach who has to make the choices and make it more creative. Then I think the joy with playing well and winning, it comes automatically. But, I mean, no, I think there are still a lot of players out there who play. I mean, you see Flavia, you see Makarova. There are young ones who start playing doubles, as well. Then maybe you focus more on the singles only. But there are still plenty of them out there, especially on the women’s side.”

Flavia pennetta:

” I mean, for be here after just four tournament in the final is a good result. We just play I think four tournament together, so, I mean, everything is working pretty good. Today we had our chance, but we didn’t make it. I think we had to push a little bit more in the second set, but they play a more aggressive in the 3-2 and they go for the shot all the time. They had also a little bit of lucky, I think, in the important moment. But, I mean, this is matches. Tennis is always like this.”

” No, not for that. Just because, I mean, like I say, we didn’t play a lot together. Definitely the draw was really tough from the first match. And the day when we saw the draw, we look each other and we say, Oof, again. I think we play really, really good. Every matches was high level, so… Bad luck for tonight. Still a little bit bitter.”

For more of the  postmatch runners up interview with inredible team of Martina Hingis and Flavia pennetta, please see:
They have won so many titles. One is a legend and the other a top player. They are such an inspiration for anyone wanting to pursue excellence.  They also make excellence look beautiful.

What drives a champion like Hingis? I wonder and leave you with a Hingis post match quote :

” Today I don’t have to prove nothing to nobody, but definitely there is so many nice tournaments still this year. It hasn’t finished yet. There is, yeah, next season. I’m looking forward to it already now.”

I guess the DNA of the champion never changes and the quest for excellence..

Hope this great team inspires you as it inspires me. More power to Martina Hingis and Flavia pennetta!

Have a lovely weekend my friends! Thank you!



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