Tales of Transitions : Marin Cilic and Luis Suarez

6 Sep

I read two new stories today of two sportsperson who had to undergo forced transitions and not of the happy or normal kind but one also of shame and stigma.Marin Cilic and  Luis Suarez. Luis Suarez is a favorite football player of mine and Marin Cilic is a former Top 10 Tennis player. As write this post , Marin Cilic will play Roger Federer for a place in US Open finals. What a comeback? Luis Suarez is now a FC Barcelona player.

Marin cilic

Marin Cilic:

” It angered me how all the process went because it was not fair to me. It wouldn’t be fair to any tennis player. But when you’re against big organizations you can’t do much. So I just accepted it.”

“It was a difficult period. I didn’t know when I’m going to start back. But was also good period for me.”

“I matured a bit more and I was working day after day. I wasn’t relaxing and doing nothing. So I think that helped me to improve physically. Also, it helped me to have enough time to put some new parts in my game, which are helping me to play this good now.”

” We work a lot — some days we would have sessions of three, three-and-a-half hours or whatever, and we always have good time.I think that’s most important. I would say, it can’t be better.”  ( With Coach Goran Ivanisevic)

” I feel I’m playing well but I’m not getting satisfied too easy. I made it to the semis and it’s completely different for me now atmosphere than what I have been in 2010. At that time I was maybe a little bit, let’s say, too shocked and I didn’t know how to deal with it afterwards. But now I’m cool and it’s going well.”

Goran Ivanisevic ( on Cilic) :

” He needs to believe.I think he does now and he is capable of beating anybody. I cannot tell him to change his tactics. He is alone on the court. I can talk to him for five hours about tactics, but on the court he needs to figure it out himself. Now I have told him he has nothing to defend for seven months, so I hope he does well at the three Grand Slams and nine [ATP World Tour] Masters 1000s. He is looking good and he is enjoying himself on the court. ”

“He is too good a player not to be beating the top guys. He isn’t injured; he is fit and is mentally stronger. His confidence has returned and he is too good not to be in the Top 10. He is serving better now and he is moving better now. I think he should be even more aggressive. He needs to put this in the mind; he has to believe in every shot he is making. So when he starts to believe 100 per cent, he can achieve great things.”

Iam inspired by Marin Cilic’s run in US open 2014, since has come back from a doping ban, no wonder its all been inspired hard work with his Champion Coach Goran Ivanisevic. I am motivated by Cilic’s work ethic and focus in his transition. It inspires me to be productive every day in my transition. There is no secret to anything then except focus and dedicated hardwork.

luis suarez

Luis Suarez:

I feel Luis Suarez is in same league as Messi and Ronaldo. There is no better footballer on field and none so more destructive in more ways than one.

” The truth is that you suffer a lot. It gives you a feeling of impotence not being able to do anything from outside except talk and shout.”

” Being able to tell my children that I am going to work gives me a feeling of calm. Iam starting to feel like a footballer again.”

” This time, being at the world’s best club, there will be many more eyes on me than before. so you have to be careful confronted with all these things and you have to take the responsibility and be intelligent in that sense.”

Please see: ” Marin Cilic back and better than ever” :http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/tennis/us-open-2014/top-stories/Marin-Cilic-back-and-better-than-ever/articleshow/41773239.cms

Please see : ” Cilic Inspired by Ivanisevic’s Influence” :http://www.atpworldtour.com/News/Tennis/2014/02/9/Cilic-Ivanisevic-Improvement.aspx

Please see : ” I feel like a footballer again says Suarez’:http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/football/top-stories/I-feel-like-a-footballer-again-Suarez-says/articleshow/41790115.cms

I just hope and pray that he will be responsible and take his enormous talent to the accomplishment of a Messi or a Ronaldo. No wonder Barcelona put World Cup incident aside and hired Suarez. There is no more potent talent available even if in troubled times.

Both Suarez and Cilic had to face stigma and stress and look at Cilic…and am sure same will be Suarez, stellar at Barcelona..

In difficult times  and adversity,one learns “we are left to ouselves”. I have been there many times. It changes you as a person.  One never takes any thing for granted and in my case developed a spiritual understanding, had nothing else by my side.  Except my two friends who lived in different cities.

But Cilic has shown the right way to go about a transition, forced or otherwise, ” to keep working and trying to improve, to get back to being very best, seeking expertise of a champion coach..”

Look at a super succesful Suarez saying ” Being able to tell my children that I am going to work gives me a feeling of calm. Iam starting to feel like a footballer again.”. It is as fundamental as that and as well as restoring your dignity and respect. Rest follows. As for Suarez, have no doubts, will be a great player again.

This two stories inspires me,  ofcourse transition for me has been  longer, but am hopeful ot making it..

Till then very best wishes for Cilic for the match against the great Federer….who knows, anything is possible, we will see…

Good night freinds and Have a lovely day!

Thank you!



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