Germany : National Geographic

1 Sep

I want to share this little picture post card series about Germany  from National Geographic. I think National Geographic for every child in my generation would be window to the world. We couldn’t afford them so one had to go to school library to read. I think its a publishing wonder. In these days of internet, still those glossy pictures are a wonder.


Please see this shot by Yen Baet of Cologne Cathedral ( Kolner Dom) in silver and gold Hohnzollern Bridge, Cologne. The bridge to me resembles a Rolex design. I think its Vijay Amritraj and Roger Federer influence 🙂

Please see this and more of beautiful Germany including a beautiful shot of old town, Wangen, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Branderburg Gate, Berlin , the magnificient Hofkirche, Dresden and others here :

I like National Geographic  and it fulfills a child like thirst for places, Travel and Culture. The pictures are beautiful and tell a story.

Hope you like this postcards from Germany. Auf Wiedersehen!

Good night friends! Hope you like the pictures and have a lovely day!

Thank you!


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