A yearning for grace ( Preamble and Pictures)

31 Aug

” Sometimes a deep appetite for prayer arises and I pray. Where my prayer is addressed. I would not dare to say. I wouldn’t dare to try to describe where my prayer is aimed..”

― Leonard Cohen ( Please refer earlier post Beautiful Interview: Leonard Cohen NRK-2)

I feel the same as the master. I have a yearning for grace. I pray. I surrender. A prayer. A poem.

I wrote about ” Preamble” ( New chapter) , so much of life is in public domain, need grace, as always.

Iam guided. I pray for you. I pray for beloved. I pray for friends! I pray for family. Mine. Yours.

I do not know where my prayer is addresed, my heart seeks a grace, this is a yearning for grace.


Yearning for grace:

I walk my path

I see the vision

I found the discipline

I feel the love

Then a yearning for grace


I walked many miles

I met many faces

I have known the hunger

I feel the undying love

I never knew the consequences

This time, a yearing for grace


I plough the fields

I pray for better yields

What then? they say,

everybody does

My brow saddened,

my tears disguised in a graceless sweat

This time, then a yearing for grace


You spoke to me

A childhood grace

I felt saddened

Such a lonesome child-heroine

I prayed a silent prayer

My heart open to embrace

I wondered which fairy

Took you away or

Was it a well meaning brute

This time, then a yearing for grace


I don’t mind the mockery

I do not mind ridicule

My father died long ago

In my arms, you know in my arms

Iam that child, that then went to bank

To collect a dead pay cheque

This time, then a yearing for grace


I have never been scared

Oh yes, but for the vertigo

I have splinters and scars

I have never lost the love

Dear Mr. Industry

I have the assignments

I have done white papers

Do not put me to those minor alexanders

This time, then a yearing for grace


I pray for a grace

I  do my part as always

I pray for you

I pray for love

I pray for friends

I pray for family

I pray for grace

This time, do not forget me

This time then, do not forget me

please do not forget me.

This time, then a yearing for grace


I wrote a preamble

I want to see it to fruition

I play my part

I love the unconditioned love

I work the healing

Please send a gracious angel

Please send a beautiful fairy

I yearn for grace

God, This then for you,

a yearning for grace..


These are my thoughts  today dear friends. I hold on to ” Preamble”. I seek grace..

I went for my dear friends reception today. I wish him well and very best in life. I stopped by the watch store. I dont know why my watch had stopped functioning.  I took some pictures for you dear friends..



To distract myself from watches, which can’t afford, besides do not need, take pictures.


I take  pictures as my watch gets repaired, besides  guys in store are friendly, they know me..


I take final one as leave the store. I am tempted to check some skagen pieces as step out..

This is for my friends and all of you dear friends. And I love you!

I yearn a yearning for grace..

Have a easy Sunday! Thank you!




















2 Responses to “A yearning for grace ( Preamble and Pictures)”

  1. Sonya Kassam August 31, 2014 at 7:21 pm #

    what a touching poem…loved it!

    • sureshvn September 1, 2014 at 4:24 am #

      Thank you my friend. How you been?

      I only know about my life Sonya, try to be true..

      Take care!

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