Preamble ( New Chapter)

30 Aug

” I want to write a new preamble for myself”. I had written in my post on “Dylan Song : My Back Pages” ( The Traveling Wilburys).

New Chapter

” Live the present etta….Live this life like a still unexplored part of Suresh Nair.”

― Chandru ( Chandrasekharan Nair, 23, little cousin brother)

“Etta” in my native malyalam is ” Elder brother”. My little cousin brother is my hero. I feel talking to him is like a message from pure land of buddha and kingdom of God of Christ. He is innocent and intelligent. This was in response to a remark by me to him, ” If born again, would be want to be like him.” My cousin is a graduate asistant at Georgia Institute of Technology.

So this is my guiding preamble ” Live in the present and live life like a still unexplored part of Suresh.” My father would have been happy with this guideline. My father’s words ” Do something lasting and permanent ” was my guiding preamble long ago. I feel children and young people are  God’s messengers on earth. I like spending time with them. I have nothing but love for them.

Live in the present:

-To accept the present as something wilfully chosen” is a message learnt from writings of Eckhart Tolle. I always practiced this subconsciously. I really think his message  is special. ( ” Accept – then act. What ever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.” ― Eckhart Tolle). This gave me perspective in many of forced transitions. None of which was my wish. Life has its own flow. If we embrace ” every happening” even if its painful. It’s hardwork. Eventually we will be fine.

– My past has both beautiful and painful memories. I acknowledge my past.  But ” Past has passed.” I am grateful for every experience. I did not have this wisdom. I struggled for two decades. I accept my unique destiny.

– To feel light, happy and peaceful. I feel we must bless every experience of our lives and bear no grudges.  Leonard Cohen in a interview spoke about a manager who defrauded him ” Iam still rather fond of her..”. I understand that.

– Age gracefully. I am forty three year old and my wish is only to be the best forty three year old that can be physically, emotionally and physiologicaly. I walk and run when it’s not raining.  I meditate. I read. I feel good. I don’t compete with anyone. The only time  felt old was when  turned twenty seven!! For some strange reason thought was old! I stopped counting since. I feel happy.

-My only regret is not doing justice to studying. I wonder why took the path of  “self learning”. I was restless and read everything. I wish had done justice to education. I later discovered my country rewards mediocre education handsomely. I should have done so much better.  This is my only regret. I have no other regrets. I always gave my best in work and relationships. Rest is destiny.

– Grateful. Every one has favorite people. People we love for  no reason. I met all people whom loved. So am happy. Be it people from my school. Be it doctors ( Whom admired in my early youth). Be it a Company ( Amazon). Be it beauracracy. Be it Journalism.  So am happy.  I only want to meet Google, Leonard Cohen and people whom love..

Live this life like a still unexplored part of Suresh :

I learnt we must create possibilities for transformation. As my little brother says ”  live this life like a still unexplored part of Suresh.” What are my still unexplored parts?

– Family: I have been dedicated to my late father, my mother, my brother and my sister. I would want a normal family of my own. I am a family person. It is a dream for me. My own world. Its a still unexplored part.

-Travel: I would love to travel. I could not attempt same due to my commitments. I wish to travel. It is dream for me. It is also a possibility that want to create. It is a still unexplored part.

-Buy a House: I want to buy a new home. It will make my mother happy. I want to fulfill her wish. I feel sad when she is unhappy with me.  Because that is not my intention. I want to give her a new home. That will make her happy.It is a still unexplored part.

-Education: I want to enroll for courses for studying. I will stop “self learning”. I will invest in education. I also want to study ” Mental health rehabilitation” and ” Sports psychology.”  I would love to volunteer with a ” Rehablilation home”  and coach with a “sports club.”It is a still unexplored part.

-Write a Book: I want to write books. I only write a blog now. I also write for my self  learning in pocket books. I want to be a writer and write a book.It is a still unexplored part.

-Fear of Heights:  I have  one fear : Vertigo. I am scared of heights. I fell down from a mountain hill in my hometown. I had climbed a water tank. I also fell down from a peak in a popular hill station in secondary school. I am just horrified of heights. I don’t know why? I want to overcome fear of heights.

-Volunteer: Volunteer seriously and regularly with a institution. My interest is ” mental health rehabilitation”.

-Internship : To study ” sports psychology” and intern or voulnteer with a ” Sports club”

-Public speaking : I want to practice public speaking. Its been long time and am getting paranoid. I must do it. I too have a message…

-Dating : I have been in hibernation. Anybody interested let me know 🙂

I started with a preamble and wrote a draft of constitution 🙂

All of above will be nullified. If I meet  ” assholes” 🙂 The best reference of same,” Dogs” Pink floyd song lyrics :

I think if someone can write a software based on above song. That will be a service to humanity.

I hope to create possibilities inspired by my little cousin brother. I promise to be dedicated to this preamble. I dedicate this to my cousin brother ” Chandru” who inspires me with his purity and quest for excellence. I also dedicate this  to my life long friends. They know who they are. I wish to meet my school friends. I hope you wish me luck.  Stay blessed!

Hope you have a lovely day dear friends!

Thank you!








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