Maria Sharapova: The Incredible Champion ( Story & Winning Spirit)

26 Aug

I admire Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams. They are champions, beautiful, strong and have won everything game and life has to offer. They still fight for every point on the court as if its  match point. I liked Justine Henin too.  I came across a article ” Maria Sharapova’s Guide to Life Success” ( SELF magazine) and a really nice feature and interview ” Holding Court ” (NET- A – PORTER) with Maria Sharapova. I want to share thoughts and extracts from same for you dear freinds along with a article ” Maria Sharapova’s winning spirit”( Healthy Hollywood).

Maria sharapova

” Sharapova is a hellion on the court—as those who’ve watched her since she stormed onto the women’s tennis tour 10 years ago, snatching victory from Serena Williams in a historic match, already know. She’s no slouch off the court, either: In the last decade, deal by deal, venture by venture, she’s become Brand Maria, extending her reach into fashion, philanthropy, beauty, even sweets, and topping the 2014 Forbes list of the world’s highest-paid female athletes.

After Sharapova, leggy and hugely ambitious, achieved that 2004 milestone, she could easily have shared the same fate as other players whose games never lived up to their marketing. And the marketing came on strong, dubbed Maria Mania, with an immediate Motorola deal and Sports Illustrated cover. But Sharapova turned out to have a vision that was both wide and deep: She signed those deals, and she continued to put in the hard work, developing a signature swing volley, a monster forehand and a shriek so loud when she made the tough shots that some have speculated it’s simply a tactic to rattle her opponents. ” ( SELF/ Alexandra Marshall)

Maria Sharapova:

” I have a competitive drive. It’s ferocious and powerful, and it’s about winning.”

” I was very inexperienced. But I was not nervous at all. As soon as I got out there onto the court, it was like I had horse blinders on. You get this narrow vision.”

” When I’m out on the court, I’m not thinking about how I look. I do my ponytail in two seconds, and I’m not wearing a stitch of makeup. I’m confident in my skin, and I’m there to play the game. ”

” Designing for the mass market has really changed my thinking process and my on-court look. Even if I want to be the one pushing fashion on the court, today I want to do it in a way that a woman playing in a doubles league can wear, too.”


” In today’s world all women have so many challenges, so many things to do on a daily basis from career to family. And, it’s always a juggling act. It’s always balancing yourself with other people around you. At the end of the day, I think SELF Made is that inner voice inside of you that keep you going, keep pushing you to strive for the best in everything that you do.”

” I was exposed to so many things and you always have to make choices and at the end of the day you never quite know and you’re always questioning yourself whether it’s the right or wrong choice. But I try to always be me and be natural and you face expectations but you have to face them from within rather than from the outside world.”

” The good thing is I can expose all of that on the tennis court. And once I get off the court I can be a bit more mellow. And I have this little yellow fuzzy ball to hit as hard as I can which usually gets rid of a lot of emotions. It’s funny because when I go on the court, no matter what goes in life, I always use it as a learning experience for me. Even though I’ve been doing it since I was four years old. Of course, I take out everything.”

” Sometimes it all comes to a point where it’s too much or you let yourself get overly involved in things. I think everybody goes through it. I think the best way to out of it is perspective. It’s the toughest way to think of things. But, it’s a perspective on life. And you just need to turn on CNN to get a little bit of perspective in life, really. And I’ve been in enough hotel rooms in my life to see a lot of CNN,”


” I live a simple life. I’ve always lived by beaches, with my home here, and my home in Sarasota, Florida, where people don’t bother me much. People seem to respect athletes that way.”

” The thing that my parents taught me was that they were completely fine with going back to Russia, to the life we had before. The biggest gift they gave me was a sense of reality. They saw that I had potential, and they knew there were sacrifices we had to make. But they never imagined how far we could go. ”

” I just love seeing the process. I love the creative aspect, the business, understanding why things work. When I was younger, I thought I might be an architect. I’m very interested in design.”

” Besides my parents, all of my relatives are in Russia. When I’m in the house and my parents are home, I speak Russian. If I ask my mother to cook a meal, it’s a Russian meal. I have friends all over the world and homes here in the US, but the way I speak and think is very Russian.I’m accustomed to the lifestyle here, but ultimately, it’s just the feeling you have inside.”

” When my mother first came to the US, she couldn’t believe how many malls there were.We would go shopping – a lot. She would always pick out something soft and simple, in cream or beige. I would say, ‘But what about these prints? They’re so exciting.’ And she’d say, ‘But I’ll have this one for a very long time.’ And now my aesthetic is the same. I love well-tailored basic pieces that I can put together in many different ways.”

” I like to think of the 80/20 balance. Not just for the body, but for the mind. If I can be disciplined 80 percent of the time, and then relax for 20 percent, I’ll be alright. ”



Please see :  “Maria Sharapova’s Guide to Life Success” :

Please see:  ” Healthy Hollywood: Maria Sharapova’s winning spirit” :

Please see: ” Holding Court” :

I want to share a extract from the really nice feature and  interview  from ” NET- A – PORTER” magazine :

” At the age of six, Sharapova was living in Sochi, Russia, when she went to a tennis clinic and was spotted by sporting great Martina Navratilova. Just one year later, she left home for the US to train at the famed IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. Her mother, Yelena, stayed in Russia, while her father, Yuri, who spoke not a word of English, traveled with her and worked a variety of odd jobs to pay for his daughter’s lessons. Two years later, her mother moved stateside as well. The family gamble paid off. “The thing that my parents taught me was that they were completely fine with going back to Russia, to the life we had before. The biggest gift they gave me was a sense of reality,” says Sharapova. “They saw that I had potential, and they knew there were sacrifices we had to make. But they never imagined how far we could go.” ( CHRISTINE LENNON /NET- A – PORTER)

Isn’t it a great human story?

Incredibly brave, driven and selfless parents who would do everything for a  child’s future who was six year old, even relocating to a faraway land…

In a way Maria Sharapova’s success is epic. I have always liked her single minded intensity on court. That she is beautiful is a bonus. I have only admiration for all other business ventures of one so young and so smart.

Maria Sharapova is a incredible champion. Hope the story and single minded quest for excellence of a champion inspires you dear friends as it does me.

Hope you have a lovely day dear friends! ” 80/20 balance is great. 80 percent disciplined. 20 percent relaxed”. I guess 100 percent rooted and focussed also..

Thank you!







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