New Lease of Life : Roger Federer & Stefan Edberg

22 Aug

There will perhaps never be a greater tennis player than Roger Federer. It’s imminently possible Rafael Nadal will overtake the great Swiss champion in the grandslam sweep stakes.  Seventeen Grandslams and thirty three years of age, still hungry for more, still performing at the highest level. Roger federer has a had a remarkable year and is world number 3 now and a favorite for US Open 2014! Grand slam number 18 is very much likely. The man behind this new lease of life, The coach,  Stefan Edberg.  A Champion like no other.

roger federer

Roger Federer is Mozart of Tennis. There may never be such a effortless champion. Some have big serve and volley game, some tireless game of attrition, some destructive strokes,  no one has been such a complete package perhaps. He is a legend. Then great people also get on in years and need support to function at their high standards. Who can understand a great but another great? equally graceful and a great champion Stefan Edberg.  What a difference the partnership has made!!

stefan edberg

Stefan Edberg is one of my sporting idols. I talked my father into buying a colour television set and the first match saw in colour was 1989 Wimbeldon Finals between Stefan Edberg and Borris Becker. Both are currently coaches to US open favorites. I liked Stefan Edberg. He was quiet, graceful, beautiful and had a great game. He wore a stainless steel watch while playing. I was seventeen. I copied his hairstyle. The only one ever had.  I wanted to be Stefan Edberg. If you find anything good in me, it is because of emulating Stefan Edberg  and my father.  He was a great champion.  Look at the new lease of life for Federer. It is because of Edberg.

Stefan Edberg:

” It’s nothing that I thought that I ever would do, but obviously being around Roger and the way he is as a person on and off court has actually been a very, very good journey so far. It’s been good to see him making some progress this year.”

“He was very, very close to winning at Wimbledon. There was one or two points that made a difference in that final, which was one of the better finals I have watched in the past in the many, many years. ”

“But that’s the way it is in tennis. But I still believe the way he’s playing, and if he can keep working and stay healthy, he’s got a shot of doing very well here going forward.”

“But I can’t make that much of a difference, but a little bit of a difference I think I can make. It has been good so far.”

“In many ways it’s worse sitting in the stands, because you can’t really do anything sometimes,”

“You wish you could. Actually it has been OK. You want him to do well and so it’s a different feeling, but it’s good so far.”

Roger Federer:

“It wasn’t something I ever thought was going to happen, so I’m happy that the transition is in the past now,”

“We like each other’s company. We don’t get bored with each other. We enjoy talking about tennis, but then we don’t talk tennis all the time. It’s really comfortable. So from that standpoint he’s been a big help.”

“The hard work has been put in before he came on to the team clearly, especially last year. I worked so hard to get back into shape. I’m happy he’s been helpful in the process to get me back into winning ways.”

“I know my game is where I want it to be. It’s about just keeping that level up right now.”

Please see : ”  Stefan Edberg finds coaching to his liking with Roger Federer” :

Please see : ” US Open 2014: Roger Federer confident of crowning his amazing comeback year with title” :

” Federer is a different, better player than he was at the start of this year, and a lot of the credit for that goes to that iconic exponent of the serve-and-volley game, Edberg. And it’s OK with him that few seem to have noticed. Edberg likes it that way; he’s more than accustomed to working at his craft with few distractions.” writes  Peter Bodo ” The man behind Roger Federer’s success” :

I wanted to do a post on Federer and Edberg following up on Wawrinka and Norman. The key to success for a partnership is the same ” Mutual Trust” and ” Affection.” Federer has spoken of Edberg as a ” Childhood Idol” and the great Swede has spoken fondly of partnership. I have realised coach necessarily has to be a ” good person.” Alejandro Sabella Argentina’s world cup football coach also spoke of same in a  FIFA interview. So its ” Mutual trust” and ” Affection”  that is secret to every partnership. This extends to family. Life. Everything.

Good luck to Federer and Edberg for US open 2014! Hope you have a lovely day dear friends!

Thank you!





4 Responses to “New Lease of Life : Roger Federer & Stefan Edberg”

  1. livewhatyouknow August 23, 2014 at 2:03 pm #

    This is lovely. My family and I are tennis fanatics, it is a bit of a spiritual practice for us. The kids play 6 days a week and simply cannot get enough of it. Tennis has blessed our lives in so many ways. Roger is just the best – great at the game and life. I could go on and on about tennis, I just wanted to mention to you that I have always enjoyed your thoughts on the game and the various champions you have highlighted. Good stuff! Be well! – Stacy

    • sureshvn August 26, 2014 at 6:52 am #

      Thanks much Stacy and you are very kind my friend! One of my dream projects would be to profile every player’s journey in ATP and WTA Top 100 . That would be so exciting. If only could find a sponsor. I try to blog as much possible friend. I am so glad to know about your and family passion for tennis. Its wonderful and agree with you Roger Federer is the absolute best. ( Though my personall favorite is Nadal) . He makes tennis look easy and plays like a ballet dancer, graceful and strong, may be then he is Baryshnikov or Nureyev of Tennis. He has a such a nice family and four children 🙂 Ideal role model guess. Thanks my friend and have a nice day!

      • livewhatyouknow August 27, 2014 at 12:53 pm #

        Greetings! I love the idea of profiling the top 100. It would make for so many great life stories. My son’s favorite is Nadal. I get it. 🙂 The thing about these great champions (and even the journeymen that stick around trying for years and years) is that they are all amazing people when you take the time to get to know their story (which is true about people in general, but highlighted for us in champions). It used to be easy to root against certain ones when they played Roger…now I now more about each of them and I do like all of them. I still root for Roger, but never against anyone. To compete at the level they do is inspiring in so many ways. Tennis is a great metaphor for life. There is always another shot coming right up. Sending you blessings and wishes for many great shots to write about what you love! Be well! Thanks again for the great posts. -Stacy

      • sureshvn August 29, 2014 at 2:11 am #

        Thanks much Stacy and that was beautiful! So true Sport is a great metaphor for life. and ” There is always another shot coming right up.” Very true. There is certain purity in sport, you can’t fake or pretend anything. As you said it is like a spiritual experience. One can always see a connection of dots. Atleast try and connect the dots. So love all sports. Tennis, Badminton, Soccer and Athletics are my favorites. Same with music, painting, writing, movies, studying are all spiritual experiences. Right my friend. Oh I love every one, journey man, Top 10, Top 100, Top 200, coaches, hitting partners, every one. I often go to ATP site and read about past players, but sometimes the info is there, stats are there, never the story. So thats one of my goals dear firend, to write stories about everyone, every journey 🙂 Like you rightly said : there is always another shot coming rght up. I love Nadal and Ferrrer most among current lot, because they can die on court for you 🙂 I love all players, Roger Federer is the best ever. He makes tennis into a art form. I am so grateful you liked the posts. It keeps me lot of enjoyment to write about sports. Thanks much Stacy and yes, for everything ” there is another shot coming right up “. Today is auspicious day in Hindu calender. Have a nice day. God Bless!

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