Breakthrough : Stanislas Wawrinka & Magnus Norman ( The master pupil and The Coach)

21 Aug

I am fascinated by Breakthroughs. I feel happiness and excitement when a new person or talent breaksthrough. It’s transformational in my opinion to cross a chasm and emerge victorious. Champions are champions only because they have achieved breakthroughs.  Once a champion. It’s irreversible.  I was delighted that Stanislas Wawrinka crossed that bridge and achieved a breakthrough when he won Australian Open slam 2014!  Sometimes it takes a long time in coming, sometimes it comes at a tender age, whenever it comes ” Man is never the same”. A Champion is born. A new consciousness is born. A certainty develops. Stanislas Wawrinka has been a  Top 10 player for some time and hopefully this Grandslam win will propel him to win few more slams which he richly deserves. The man behind this breakthrough, The coach, Magnus Norman!

stanislas wanwrinka

Stanislas Wawrinka has had a stellar 2014! One remembered Swiss No.2 player as a understudy to the great Roger Federer and for winning Chennai Open.  This year has been a breakthrough year with  Australian Open title and a ATP World Tour Masters 1000 title at Monte-Carlo. Stan is the man!!


magnus norman

Magnus Norman is a Former World number 2 player and has been coach to Thomas Johansson, Robin Soderling and now Stanislas Wawrinka. I think Norman is the breakthrough coach of the year helping Wawrinka win a maiden Slam. Now if he repeats the achievement. He will be equal to Lendl. Ivan Lendl was a breakthrough coach for Andy Murray . I think coach’s input in a breakthrough is huge.  He or she reframes a pattern. I had learn’t recently the most important thing in transformation is coachability. To be coachable is to be humble and  trust the coach.

Magnus Norman:

” Trust, acceptance and respect is everything between a player and a coach.”

“If the player doesn’t trust the coach and what he is saying the messages will not come across. If the coach does not believe in the player it will also show in the daily work.”

“You also have to accept that all people are different. You have to accept the differences and you have to respect each other. You also have to show respect to yourself as a player, meaning that sometimes it’s good to step outside this world and tell yourself that you did something great. Otherwise this life will be way too demanding.”

Stanislas Wawrinka :

“When I started with Magnus I knew for sure that he had something special as a tennis player and a coach. I didn’t expect our partnership to be as good as it has been, but I am really happy and he is a big part of my success.”

“Mentally he has given me a lot of confidence. He trusts me, he recognises the level of my game and that has helped tremendously.”

“At this level, minor changes can make big changes in your ranking and winning matches. For sure, Magnus has helped me on the practice court, changing my forehand a little bit and also other parts of my game.”

Please see: ” Mutual trust key to Wawrinka’s Rise” :

Stanislas Wawrinka after a impressive start to the year has plateaued a bit and hopefully will have fine US open 2014! Hopefully Wawrinka and Norman willl build on this breakthrough year to have few more slams going forward.

The most important factor in a Coach and Pupil relationship is “Mutual Trust.”  I think ” Trust” and ” Faith” is essential for every progress. Every partnership. Every endeavour.

Congragulations and Good luck to Stanislas Wawrinka and Magnus Norman!

” Magnus Norman believes that one of Wawrinka’s biggest assets is his “tremendous amount of respect for fellow players, to his fans and to his team.”

Hope you find your own breakthroughs in life dear friends. Remember the key is ” Mutual Trust” and ” Affection”.

Have a lovely day dear freinds! Thank you!



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