little life..

10 Aug

My little day was peaceful. My mother had organized a pooja( prayer) at home for my sister. I helped her. It’s always good to see sister. It’s strange that need a occasion to meet her. Yes we do meet. Also it was truce with my mother today, yesterday had excitedly picked up some books in a discount sale and my mother had shouted at me , what will you do? eat them 🙂  I got upset and so went my day! Sometimes feel sad why am  naive? Why am not practical? But then if every one is practical, who will be loving 🙂


This is in good spirits. I love practical people. I want to be with a practical person. Imagine being with a person like me, tauba, tauba( God Forbid)…My mother is part of a all woman prayer group, she and her  friends came over and prayed. I normally park myself in a corner inside like a puppy. But like the chant of prayer. My mother is happy. My mother is good. It’s just me who needs to get better..

Some pictures ….


The arrangement before the commencement of prayer, wanted to take her and her friends pictures too, but decided otherwise, one of them is Mrs. Hitler..


Me before the prayer..


Some moments ago, wanted to capture the moon@night, guess this just semblance of a moon..


” Boht mehsoos hota hai, tera mehsoos na karna ”

“It feels a lot , that you dont feel.”  this is a rough translation…


Inspired by Kailash kher few lines in Hindi..


Jee liye aab ki baari

Chahtein hain has kar mare

( Kyon ki) Agali baar aisa na ho

Murade poori  aur kushhali ho..


I have lived my life

I want to die happily

( So that) Next time ( life) shouldn’t be like this

My dreams fulfilled and happiness galore…


Tum bhi milna mujko saiyaan

Agali baar zaroor saat dena

Is bar saat doge, to mein kuch na chahoon

Bas ek zindagi, ek sansar aur tum…


You too meet me  my beloved

Next time be with me ( cooperate with me )

If you choose to be mine this time, do not seek anything else..

Just life, family and you..


I dedicate this to my childhood friend!  Goodnight friends! Hope you have a lovely day!

Thank you!












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