Kailash Kher

9 Aug

Kailash kher is a contemporary Indian musician and also has a performing band “Kailasa”.  I am a fan of his singing, composition, lyrics and live acts. I feel he belongs to that rare breed of gifted artistes where instrumentation try to  match their voice and singing. He is brilliant without instrumentation and great with instrumentation.  Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Nina Simone, Freddie mercury come to my mind as such divinely gifted artistes who could fill an auditorium just with a voice. The Great Tenors of Opera. The incomparable Plácido Domingo , José Carreras and the  great Luciano Pavarotti.

Before that, love the way Kailash Kher writes songs. I like his lyrics. I had last studied Hindi in 1986. It’s shame that have not read a single Hindi Book since then. I used to love the language. It was also because of  a great teacher. My school teacher Dr. Joshi.  The teacher spoke and taught us beautifully. A brilliant teacher and a great story teller. He had a Ph.D way back when and chose to teach in school. It must be love of teaching and love of Subject. I studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya. Every time listen to a Kailash Kher song, remember my school teacher. Why Kailash Kher ? Why not Javed Akhtar who is a great lyricist ? I like the ” devotional or divine” aspect of his writing and in eastern philosophy the ideal devotee or ideal of devotion is ” feminine voice” . He captures that and writes in that gender. I find it beautiful. For me the feminine gender or girl child is the ideal creation of God. There is nothing more sublime. Kailash Kher songs reminds me of my school and school teacher. He is a fine contemporary artiste in my opinion and his original material is so good. I think he is the best we have. ” Saiyaan” is one of my favorite songs.


Heere moti main na chahoon
Main to chahoon, Sangam tera,
Mai to teri saiyaan, tu hai mera,
Saiyaan, saiyaanaaaaaaaaaan
Tu jo choole pyaar se, araam se mar jaaun
Aaja chanda baaho mein tujhmein hi ghum hoi jaaun mai,
Tere naam mein kho jaaun,
Saiyaan, saiyaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

Diamonds and Pearls do not seek beloved

I just wish to be with you beloved
Am all yours beloved, you are all mine
My beloved…
If you touch with love beloved
Will die happily my beloved
Come my moon in my loving embrace
I will lose myself in your love beloved
I will lose myself in you my beloved

Mera dil khushi se jhoome gaaye raatein.
Pal pal mujhe doobayein jaatein jaatein,
Tujhe jeet jeet haaron, yeh pran-pran waaru,
Haye aise main ni haru, teri aarti utaaru.
Tere naam se jude hai saare naate,
Saiyaan, saiyannnnn..
Banke maala prem ki, tere tan pe jhar jhar jaayoon
Baithun naiyan preet ki sansaar se har jayoon main,
Tere pyaar se tar jaayoon
Saiyaan, Saiyannnnn

My heart sings in joy and nights sing happily
Every moment immersed in your love beloved
I want to win you and lose in you
I want to sing a prayer for you
All my relationships are tied with your name beloved
My Beloved..
Like a necklace of love, want to glow on youself my beloved
Like sitting on a boat of love, want to lose myself in the world
I want to float in your love bloved
My Beloved…

Yeh naram-naram nasha hai badhta jaaye.
Koi pyaar se ghunghatiya deta uthaye,
Ab baawara hua mann,
Jag ho gaya hai roshan,
yeh nayi-nayi suhagan,
ho gayi hai teri jogan,
koi prem ki pujaran mandir sajaye.
Saiyaaan, Saiyaaaaaaaan (2)
Heere moti mai na chahu mai to chahu sangam tera,
mai na jaanu, tu hi jaane mai to teri, tu hai mera…(2)
mai to teri……
tu hai meraaa..

This tender feelings of bliss keep growing beloved
Some one lift the my beloveds veil with love
My mind goes maddeningly joyful
The world seems so beautiful beloved
Like a glowing new new bride
I have become your devotee my beloved
Some one light the lamp in temple with love
My Beloved..
Diamonds and Pearls do not seek beloved
I just wish to be with you beloved
Am all yours beloved, you are mine
My beloved…
Hope you love this song ” Saiyaan” ( My Beloved) and this is for beloved 🙂
I also want to share below a link to an interview with the singer, not only like his singing but also the way he speaks, it so much fun 🙂
I love Kailash Kher. I dedicate this to my school, school teacher and school friend. My beloved 🙂
Please see ” Iam not a sochu ( thinker) . Iam a mehsusu ( feeling person). ” 🙂
Good night friends! Hope you have a lovely day! Thank you!





2 Responses to “Kailash Kher”

  1. Sonya Kassam August 10, 2014 at 7:37 pm #

    I couldn’t view the video as it is unavailable here. But I did manage to watch his interview in the link you posted. I loved what he said when they achieved a superhit and had to “outdo” themselves. “God, what kind of a man have you made me that I cannot even overpower my own creation” Superb!

    I couldnt quite understand the little story of koyal and naari. I know koyal is nightingale…could you please translate just that story? Most of the rest I got the gist of it.

    • sureshvn August 11, 2014 at 7:42 am #

      Thank you and isn’t he a wonderful singer and very very gifted artiste. Although he speaks in deliberate naviety its profoundness is wonderful. He is also funny. Thanks my friend for liking it.

      The story he is narrating is of nightingale as one of most unique forms of feminine gender ( naari). He says ” feminine” gender is most precious creation of God and among feminine gender , he finds koyal ( nightingale) most unique. The male flock never chase a nightingale, it’s she who decides whom to be with. The singer is saying, a Koyal used to visit his apartment nearby, and they had become friendly, one day the nightingale’s lover had come visiting. They both were immersed in trance beak to beak. So a thought occured to him ” Aaja chanda baaho mein tujhmein hi ghum hoi jaaun mai,Tere naam mein kho jaaun,Saiyaan..” ( Come my moon in my embrace, want to lose myself in you beloved, want to lose in yourself, my beloved..) this the singer is saying became a hook for his song ” Saiyaan” ( My beloved). He says we need to drop our baggages to understand these poetic impulses 🙂 its a nice story, never know where inspiration comes from and Kailash Kher is a wonderful artiste!

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