Jo Pavey

3 Aug

I came home yesterday night  after meeting my sister,  wondering whether should go for a Blues concert, where my friend was playing and had invited me.  I ended up watching the common wealth games on television instead and was hooked to a fantastic women’s 5,000m final. I realised there is something special in store. It was the English athlete Jo Pavey ! Imagine a forty year old mother of two winning a bronze medal in a world class competitive event. I was thrilled and stunned .It was super effort. The race was won handsomely by the brilliant Mercy Cherono from Kenya.  The Kenyans were set for a 1-2-3 podium finish. Then the indomitable push by a hard striving Jo Pavey snatched a bronze. It was thrilling for  sheer triumph of human spirit. The gulf between the champion and bronze medallist is seventeen years. Those of us who run will understand the near herculean achievement. Inspirational.


jo 1

She really ran her heart out in a gutsy time defying performance for a podium finish. Every bit heart and every bit hard work.

jo 2

“It feels a bit surreal real, to be honest. I tried to think: “Just don’t regret this.”

“It’s so easy to think: “Oh, they are Kenyans, they are so good.” I thought no, keep focusing and just tried to beat them.”

” It’s really special to think my little boy is watching me. We debated whether to bring my little girl but I really worried she’d be terrified as she is only 10 months old.”

‘It’s really special to think that I am 40, a mum with two children. “

― Jo Pavey


It’s not always  necessary that the champion  steals the show and mind you the champion was very good and effortless, but it was the sheer  spirit of Jo Pavey that  illuminated the race.

Inspirational athlete Jo Pavey!

Hope you have a lovely sunday dear friends and never give up!

Thank you!


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