My sister

2 Aug

jaya today

My Saturday starts with my mother reminding me to go to temple. I like going to temple. I pray and then realize haven’t spoken to my sister for some time. We speak and she tells me will be coming home for lunch. We have lunch together.  I always liked spending time with my sister. I escort her for buying groceries for her home. We always used to go together to buy household stuff before her marriage. I liked this ritual. I always wonder how women pick right things. I generally push the trolley and look around in amazement.  I wonder about my life.  My life revolves around family. I also have a brother who refuses to be photographed. I will write about him soon. I am a family man. My dream is a partner and two children. Now only god’s  blessing can make it come true 🙂

My weekend with my sister.  Good night friends! Hope you have a lovely day! Thank you!


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