Radhanath Swami on ‘Building Self Confidence in Children’

30 Jul


” A lot of the problems with self esteem arise depending upon how we were treated when we were a child. If a parent is harsh towards the child, always criticizing the child, not giving proper encouragement or care to the child, then the child feels worthless and feels no inner value. But if a parent shows love for the child even when they make mistakes; disciplines the child, but in such a way that the child is always assured and reassured of their love, care and concern; invests so many encouraging words – ten, twenty, thirty times before they give one critical word – then child feels he or she is of value. Parents should also teach the child how to actually make decisions and not to depend on others for everything.”

Source : http://radhanathswami.info/personal-growth/building-self-confidence-in-children

The best gift to a child is good self esteem, sense of purpose, lots of love and discipline. The child need not be pampered with money  but  be given lot of love, skills and good self esteem. The child will then  grow into a beautiful, intelligent and succesful being. I feel so. Every child is beautiful, worthy and special.  Its really  important not to be too critical. Just one line is enough. I like Radhanath Swami’s teachings and they come from a true pure space.

Have a lovely day dear friends! Thank you!

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