Chaand Raat! Beautiful Henna Designs To Celebrate The End Of Ramadan

29 Jul

I want to share this beautiful Henna design from Huff post on this auspicious day of Eid!  The writer Yasmine Hafiz of this Hufftington post article says ” The mehendi paste, made up of the powdered leaves of the henna tree, is applied with fine-tipped cones. The intricate designs are drawn onto the hands and feet and left to dry for a few hours or over night. When the dried paste flakes away, a rich, red color is left. The day before Eid is known as Chaand Raat, or the “Night of the Moon.” It is a celebration mainly observed in Pakistan and India, where women apply henna designs, do Eid shopping, and prepare foods to be eaten the next day. ”

My sister got married three years ago. A mehendi artiste and her children had come to our house to apply mehendi.  I have lot of young sisters in my extended family. Their excitement was palapable. I later went to drop Mehendi artiste and her children. They asked me to drop them on highway. They were nice and boarded a Bus home. I realised the art runs in family. My only encounter with Mehendi and Mehendi artiste. Some beautiful designs from Huff post below:

huff post religion

henna huffpost 2


Please follow the Huff post link for beautiful henna designs.  And if you have daughters or sisters get a mehendi artiste home or take them out to get some henna designs on this Eid 🙂

Hope you have a lovely day and Eid Mubarak! Love and peace! Thank you!


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