Life in a metro..

23 Jul

Good evening friends from these parts and hope you have been happy and well. I know its a monologue and may be should see you on other side of intimacy šŸ™‚

I had some of the best days of recent times attending a workshop and training in a beloved city. Mumbai. I like learning and enquiry.Ā  I like classrooms.This trip to learning was a gift from my friend. Iam forever grateful. I am a new being. I always liked the city. The life. The challenges. The daily commute. The local train. The Porsche. The Ghetto. The lady. The eunuch. The waif. The school children. The sea. The naked life.The most alive city of the country.India’s Newyork! My Little pictorial stay..


I board a morning train. Its 6 am. I meet a 17 year old boy who is going to Mumbai for his medical tests and he needs it for Visa. He is going to study Culinary Arts. 17 andĀ  knows his mind. I am mighty impressed.


I am thinking of the course for which am going, my relationship with the city..


I choose to read a book. I packed three books. They are my only companions.


It’s raining. I see little children crossing railway racks from my window seat. I cannot resist taking a picture.


The man may be their father. May be a caretaker. May be a good samaritan. The children in red raincoats are oblivious to world as only children can be. I love children. I love the sight of children going to school.


I struggle to get a fair click from my window seat. I try to get a glimpse of water fall.


The lean patches of white are waterfall , struggle to get a fair click in the moving train..


I take my first halt. This is kirtana my cousin sister’s eldest child. I have never met a child who speak a lot and speaks plesantly. she is patient and talks non stop. Its all very pleasant and measured.


The child makes me sit in her hanging chair.


I take the local train. I remember my younger self, how much times have changed, how much they are still the same..


It’s raining incessantly. I take a picture in local train.


I Like the sea. I take this picture from a moving cab. It’s windy.


The cab driver keeps talking to me. I take a picture. I never tire of the sea.


This view from my room@ YMCA


As watch from room wonder, why there are always so many cabs, and few come my way..


Iam disroganized. I have two beds in my room wonder why, do you have a answer “my sweet lord”..


I take a picture. I wish had a physique like Lenny Kravitz.Ā  I need to get better and leaner. Narcisstic me!


Checking out @ YMCA


I attended classes @ day and came only to sleep@ night. I had a pleasant stay. The dinning hall is good. I missed dinner every time as came late from classes. I will be back again.


Marine drive. I love the sea. Hope the rich corporation would keep the waters clean..


My little friend in class excitedly told me aboutĀ  colour of sky and water being one, blue,Ā  not so here right…


I spent a day off playing with my cousin sisters daughters. They are 7 and 2 and so much fun. We ran on the walking trail by sea. My aunt is on extreme left and she is grand mom to littleĀ  girls.


I love children. I love girl child. We had so much fun, running and having a good time..


One last time sea, hope the civic authorities keep it clean..


Business complex@ Nariman point


My 2 year old little niece is the best joggerĀ  have seen in life.. me was only trying to catch up..


There she falls down , only to get up again and run animatedly…


My course mates bought a huge cake to honor our coach. The words inscribed are some of the favorites of the coach. BS is anybody’s guess…


More of the cake and inscriptions. The coach was a master coach. Brilliant one. Master of his trade!


Iam back to my city. I came back@3 am. I had a early morning meeting @ airport.Ā  I hope life rewards me with my learnings, atleast meet people congruent to learnings..


” What ever you feel, you become. It is your responsibility”

I have had a break through.Ā  I realise experential learning is so much more than infomative learning. We need “ability” to do things and “any amount of informationĀ  may or may not help” , “ability” is the key, it comes from experiential learning..

I resolved now will rely more on experiential workshops than books. I will read only literature or travel books. I learnt class room learning is best learning.

I did the landmark forum Course. Here is the syllabus ”″

My friend graciously enrolled me. I am so very grateful.Ā  I learnt a lot and feel a second life.Ā  I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone hoping for a break through in any aspect of life. Be it career. Be it relationships. Be it to be better aware. Just life. To family. To children above 16.Ā  To every one. It will help.

Good night freinds! My little pictorial life. Hope you have a lovely day! Thank you!












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