Champions Team Germany ( 2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil)

14 Jul

I had learnt elementary German! All remember now is ” Ich bin Anton Brega “, ” Guten Tag” and “Auf Wiedersehen”! My german is horribly inadequate to congragulate Team Germany for winning 2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil!! I want to congragulate Argentina for being very very worthy finalists and a champion in my eyes. There was nothing to separate between two teams. Just a moment of magic. A Goal. That’s how it goes. Germany are very deserving champions. Argentina fantastic journey in 2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil. Some important reactions:

” Joachim Low, Germany coach
We started this project ten years ago and what has happened today is the result of many years’ work, starting with Jurgen Klinsmann. We’ve made constant progress, we believed in the project, we worked a lot and, if any group deserves it, it’s this team. We’ve always played good football and I believe that over this tournament, over seven matches, we’ve shown the best performances of any of the teams here in Brazil. The boys have also developed a team spirit which is unbelievable. They have fantastic technical capacity and they also have the willpower that’s necessary to do what is necessary. We’re the first European team to win a title in South America and that makes us very proud. Every player in this team gave everything they had. I told them before that they would have to give more than they ever had before because they were looking to achieve something new. We always knew that we would need 14 players during this match and everyone in top shape, and all the players had to be ready. It was good that we had played who could come on and make an impact, and [Mario] Gotze is a miracle boy – a boy wonder. I always knew he could decide the match.

Alejandro Sabella, Argentina coach
We were playing a great team and the match had its ups and downs, with Germany having greater ball possession and control of the field of play, and us enjoying the clearer chances. My players were warriors and I congratulated them afterwards because, beyond the sadness of the result, a coach must always assess his team’s performance – and I believe that was quite good. They left everything on the pitch. The match was very even and, when we had opportunities to score, we could have done with being more efficient and effective. These are very close matches and, when you make a mistake, you know it’s difficult to turn it around. But in general terms, I’m very proud and my boys played an extraordinary World Cup. It was very exciting to see them play and it’s clear they gave everything for the Argentinian jersey. They can look themselves in the mirror and know they gave everything. I congratulate my players for their extraordinary work and also congratulate Germany on winning the title. At the moment, I have the dual feeling of frustration at not having achieved our dream of winning the Final, but pride at having done our duty of giving our best. As for my future, I’m not sure. My plan is to take time with my family and rest a bit, and I have nothing to say beyond that.

Mario Gotze, Germany midfielder and Budweiser Man of the Match
It’s an unbelievable feeling, I don’t know how to describe it. I just took the shot and didn’t know what was happening. For us, the dream has become reality. I’m very proud of the team and extremely happy about everything that has happened here in Brazil. Every player in our team deserves praised and we’re very proud to have won this Trophy.


The match was won in 113th minute by a splendid Mario Gotze goal. These are best and honest best assesments by exceptional coaches Low and Sabella. And Gotze is a wonder boy. So is André Schürrle. If a team has super subs like them, team is a champion team. Both the teams are champions. They both played entralling football! It was different philosophy. Both brilliant. In the end Germany had a little bit more. Their young talent had exceptional technical ability, all fourteen of them. Argentina had a genius and great players. It was just Germany had little more  organization and bench strength may be. Just may be. I love both the teams. Germany a very deserving champions. Argentina was super. It was a great Word Cup! 2014 World Cup Brazil was exceptional! Some pictures ..


Mats Hummels of Germany challenges Lionel Messi of Argentina


Rodrigo Palacio of Argentina shoots and misses wide against goalkeeper Manuel Neuer and Jerome Boateng of Germany


Mario Goetze of Germany scores


Head coach Alejandro Sabella of Argentina looks on with his team


Bastian Schweinsteiger of Germany holds the World Cup


Philipp Lahm of Germany lifts the World Cup trophy with teammates


Bastian Schweinsteiger of Germany walks out from the pitch after a medical treatment


A dejected Lionel Messi of Argentina looks on with his team


Andre Schuerrle of Germany lifts the World Cup trophy

The best player in the world won Golden Ball award. The best team in the championship won 2014 fifa World Cup Brazil. Congragulations Germany!Very well done Argentina! 2014 Fifa World Cup the best sporting event of four years.

Remember Messi, Mascherano, Di Maria, Higuaín,Lavezzi, Sabella..

Congragulations Müller,Özil,Kroos ,Khedira,Schürrle, Löw..

To  quote  Joachim  Löw again ” We started this project ten years ago and what has happened today is the result of many years’ work, starting with Jurgen Klinsmann. We’ve made constant progress, we believed in the project, we worked a lot and, if any group deserves it, it’s this team” . Yes!!!

This is inspirational. If we believe in our vision. Execute that vision over time. Consistently believing in the process. We will get the inspired results. Once again congragulations Team Germany!

Hope you have a lovely day dear freinds! Thank you!




2 Responses to “Champions Team Germany ( 2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil)”

  1. Sonya Kassam July 15, 2014 at 4:17 am #

    A great post Suresh…thanks!

    • sureshvn July 15, 2014 at 7:23 am #

      Thanks so much my friend and most welcome 🙂

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