c’est moi

3 Jul

I was in a state of self reflection, as am wont to and stumbled on a old mobile phone, am neither a geek nor a gadget freak, everything for me captures moments in time. A chronicle. I think am not vain. I just am a chronicler of times, my subject “me” may be. This is me now, few days ago ( Red).

This is me, a few years ago ( Black)..

22012012018 (2)

I had a transition, been a seeker, changed being now..

The corporate guys have the job and the houses, they never fail to remind me, ” You know bought a new home …”..

The entrepreneurs have the money, hope and bragging rights…

The public servants high on status and not all things honorable…

I must make my money and be the person before, had to seek so much, know so much, every one has to go through a karmic cycle, it’s not the same for all of us, its not apples or oranges, we all have to seek our unique destinies, but why so much churn, may be it’s me, may be it’s providence, may be a speck of universe..

” I will restore to you the years the locusts have eaten”. Hopefully!

Hope you have a lovely day dear friends! Thank you!


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