Luis Suárez

27 Jun

“I give my soul every time I step on the pitch. I have done this with Uruguay, Ajax and Liverpool. I do not hold anything when I finish a game.”  ( Luis Suárez)


I do not bother about public opinion. This time its unequivocally stark and the evidence overwhelming. Even then Fifa Worldcup 2014 has lost its sheen for me. The sparkle is gone. I will miss watching Luis Suárez. The incident needless and ugly. The player magnificent. One of the best sights on modern football field. Luis Suárez is a talismanic player bordering on greatness. I first discovered the striker in last World cup in South Africa. He was exciting, brilliant and forged a wonderful combination with the fantastic Diego Forlán.I thought he had made the supreme sacrifice for his country by blocking a goal with his hand( earning a red card) @ quarterfinals vs Ghana, World cup, South Africa. It Reminded me of Maradona. Flawed genius. Thus you cannot question his intent for giving it all even if he finds himself with a new suspension and supreme mess. I wish better sense had prevailed. There is no denying Luis Suárez is a modern footballing great with fantastic skills and presence. Hopefully Uruguay will find inspiration and do really well in this world cup. It will miss Suárez. Hopefully it progresses well.



I believe everything in life happens for better. No matter what, may be Luis Suárez will find some ways to redeem, pray he does for himself and world of soccer, one day he will find himself in hall of fame of footballers. I think he is Maradona of Uruguay.  Luis Suárez dazzled briefly@ Fifa World cup 2014 scoring both the goals against England and  playing well against Italy, till the moment of madness. He deserves the ban, but you can’t deny the genius. There is no one like him. But for momentary madness, he is in same league as Messi, Ronaldo and very very exciting to watch.

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I read a endearing love story about Luis Suárez and his wife Sofia Balbi :

May be love will redeem as it always does. I will miss Luis Suárez @ Fifa world cup 2014!

Hope you have a lovely day dear friends! Thank you!







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