22 Jun

Life is so much more than social media. Internet has brought the world closer and there is so much information available at just a click, its phenomenal. This generation is infinitely more smarter than the earlier generation. Knowledge has become a level playing field.  I love the information superhighway.  But I also like the intimate experience of life. I joined social networking sites only to connect to family, friends and colleagues. I discovered like minded people and interests. Its been nice. I am more and more tempted to withdraw from networking sites and focus on blog. Its the place that gives expressions to a humble journey. I want to share and perhaps a thought or experience here and there might be useful, pleasurable or even entertaining for beloved visitor. I understand am no Jack Nicholson or Monica Bellucci and only like minded people and friends would be interested in passing this space. I am so very grateful. I make no claims apart from a honest journey. The only journey that know and have experience of and am in awe, love and admire all journeys of universe. I am imperfect. I love life. I suffer a lot. I learn a lot. I love  children. I smile. I do not have  experience of many things. I do have some experience and try to lay it with truth. I stay away from righteousness. I feel people who are righteous should be righteous in their life. They should flame that torch brightly. I will stick to  being true, imperfection,knowing, learning and honest journey. I have infinite love for people which makes me happy. I love family. I have faith in life. It is not a well constructed equation yet. Here is why..


I am walking all the time

I am learning all the time

I am listening all the time

The mind questions

Soul seeks askance

Are you a tramp?


Are you a super tramp

Have you always been one ?

The mind goes on and on

Have you always lived

by your rules?

Have you always done

What ever is you?

It doesn’t stop

It seems close to something

Are you a tramp?


I have many questions

I climb the stairs

I walk the road

I know am not alone

Soul learns for today :

“You have done

What you  want

You have become

What you  wanted

You never got

What you wanted “

Are you then a tramp?


” The world has rules :

Criterion for everything

Education, fertility, marriage

Jobs, sex, community,

Acceptance, respect, everything

The Rule book applies for everything

Society is one big criterion “

Confesses the soul wearily

And you lived by your rules

It asks, throws, flings at you

Are you then a tramp?


Are you naive

Are you perennially curious

Are you original

Are you ” boyish attitude to life”

As she once said kindly

What are you?

The voice goes on and on

Yes, you are all that and true

May be you are a loving tramp..


But you  are also the one

Who got a thousand infatuations

No single undying love

Ten thousand and more advise

Never a single cooperation

So what then if you a tramp ( at least a loving one)


You are the one crucified

With thousand judgements

You were all of a boy

You became a man

Alone and carried your cross

You occasionaly complain

You are more likely to smile

You know more of optimsm

Than those hopefuls, being on other side

Its okay and yes, you have been a tramp


You pursued love and something new

Every time, diligently, lovingly

You want to pursue excellence now

You dream a family, children and two

You then a tramp with a normal fixation

Yes, a super tramp on my way

To normalcy and something more :

I am soon to be a normal tramp..


Capital ” I” :

I am right,

I know what is right

I work like this

I bought this you know

I did that

I know how its done

I am the boss

I, I,I,I, I


Who are you?

What do you know?

It’s then attachment to ‘ I”

That may be a problem

At least drop the capital ” I”

Retain the small ” i”, ( If you will, if you should, if you must, if it helps)

First step to something fresh

Something new

Something better

Something healthier

Something joyful…


My insights for the day. I thought Iran played like champions yesterday and Argentina were lucky victors. We saw a flash of genius. It was enough. But for Messi, Iran won @ Fifa World cup 2014.


Lionel Messi ! The genius does what it must. Hope you have a easy Sunday dear friends!

Gracias,Thank you!












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