Oscar ( 2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil)

13 Jun

oscar fifa

The greatest sporting extravaganza ( along with Olympics) 2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil has begun on a exciting note with host nation prevailing over Croatia. The scoreline 3:1 belies the truth. I felt the croats played a tight game to deny any kind of dominance to their fancied hosts. The principal player according to a television commentator was Oscar. I concur totally. The stand out moment of the game for me was a never say die attempt of the young Chelsea player to wriggle the ball out of a tight spot to create a opening for Neymar’s first of two goals. He just never gave up. The effort lead to a goal. Of course the bright player went on to score a fantastic third goal in the dying minutes of the game. Brazil’s campaign in 2014 Fifa world cup is going to depend so much on two brilliant 22 year olds Neymar and Oscar. A trivia, at the time of thier birth, was already 20 year old, does that make me Oscar + Neymar 🙂

Brazil and Argentina are my picks for 2014 Fifa Cup winners. Hope you have a lovely day! Good night friends! Thank you!


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