Meryl Streep : The Talks

11 Jun

Meryl Streep : The Talks

What makes you happy?

Everything that truly makes us happy is quite simple: love, sex, and food! Everything else – power, influence, strength – all those things can overpower what’s important in life. But as long as you have food and shelter over your head, if the necessities are taken care of, what makes us happy on top of that is very simple.

― Meryl Streep, The Talks, July 13, 2011

This is so true. I would add meditation,exercise and children.  I concur with the great actress totally.

I recently discovered a nice online interview magazine  “The Talks” . It carries weekly interviews with leading artistes and personalities from the fields of art, film, fashion, music, and sports.  It is nice, concise and gives space to artistes.

Please do read this nice though little dated interview with  Meryl Streep.  I also liked…
” How do you combine a very consuming career and motherhood?

Well, the first thing is a great husband. That I found many years ago and I am lucky in that way. And then you have to have a lot of stamina. And you have to have very good organizational skills. I feel like I run a business although I haven’t one. It’s planning, planning, and planning.”

Many people have successful careers but if you can marry it with a happy loving family, that’s ideal life. Right my friends. Hope you like this interview as much as enjoyed sharing it.

Have a lovely day dear friends ! Thank you!





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