Champion ! (Rafael Nadal French Open 2014 )

9 Jun

Champion ! (Rafael Nadal French Open 2014 )

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Nine times French Open Champion! The legendary Bjorn Borg had six, the great and beautiful women champions Steffi Graf and Chris Evert had six and seven titles at Roland Garros. Rafael Nadal is nine times Roland Garros champion. The great Martina Navratilova is a nine times champion at Wimbeldon. I guess Andy Murray is well served in hiring a woman coach in Amélie Mauresmo. I guess women seem to know better. Seriously its a nice move to hire a woman coach irrespective of results. What men can do, women can do better. But can any one do better than Rafa @Roland Garros !!! May be David Copperfield, Mandrake, Batman…

“I knew I had lost four times in a row to Novak, and to be able to win again against him was very important to me,” Nadal said. “I had enough courage. I made the right decisions at the right moment and ended up on top. It’s an emotional moment, a real mix of things.”
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Two things strike me about Champions! One , even if they lose any number of times in tournaments on tour, how they always pull themselves up at Grand slams. Secondly even if they lose in the finals of a Grand slam, they are ready to fight and emerge victorious in the next slam. Sports then is a great leveller and Champions are champions first in mind.

I had tried to predicate this in a earlier post, pontificating that Nadal will win 9th time @ Roland Garros. Does that make one a easy prophet ( may be should sit with a parrot and cards next time). May be it will be Novak at Wimbledon or perhaps Murray with Mauresmo at helm, may be the King Federer one more time , may be it will be someone else, may be it will be Rafa again …

Sports teaches us so many things, focus, stamina, determination, talent, never say die…

Even if we lose, we can win next time, we can always hope to win…

As Novak says ” In the end of the day you have to put things in perspective, and see where I come from and what kind of life I have,” he said. “It’s a blessing. So to be able to also be appreciated by the fans the way I was at the end of the match just gives me more I’d say strength and motivation to come back here and try till the end of my career hopefully to get at least a title.” Hope he wins a French open title! Please see :

Till then salute with a sports man’s spirit, the wonderful and inspirational champion Rafael Nadal!!! And do remember the great and stellar Novak Djokovic !!!

Hope you have a lovely day dear friends! Thank you!


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