Championne ! ( Maria Sharapova, French Open 2014)

8 Jun

Championne ! ( Maria Sharapova, French Open 2014)

” There were lot of different keys and lot of ups and downs in the match, just when i thought i was very close to winning it, I had lost four points in a row, and then the match becomes equal, then you find yourself in a position where you feel like you are starting over. Which is quite difficult. I just took a moment to reflect and try to think, things that I was doing to hurt her and things that were giving me a advantage in the game. I knew she was playing well, despite all that, despite it was a very physical match, I still wanted to continue to try to do those things well, no matter how frustrating it was to lose the second set, I came out well, we broke each other few times. That’s the story. It was such an emotional victory for me in my career, I have been in many grand slam finals and every one feels different. As I get older i appreciate those situations so much more. You realize, You won another Grand slam, Roland Garros at that.”

― Maria Sharapova ( Source:

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It was a hard fought journey, last four games were three setters, last three bright young talents ( Garbiñe Muguruza,Eugenie Bouchard and Simona Halep), a hard fought finals, like all champions do, always find a way and will to win in difficult situations, Maria Sharapova is a very very worthy 2014 French Open Champion! Do not forget bright and brave Simona Halep !!! For more on Finals :

Brilliant Maria Sharapova! My blog just got a little more glamorous and grittier..

Hope you have a easy Sunday dear friends! Thank you!

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