A pledge

6 Jun

There comes a time

All of you dissolves

All of what submerges

All of how subsides

You surrender, and

You make a pledge


You are humbled

By goodness divine

You are touched

By purity and unconditional regard

You surrender, and remember your father

You make a pledge


Life’s vicissitudes

Your ageless longing

Many things that weren’t

Many things that shouldn’t

Nobody cared, no one bothered

But your friends, but your friends

Forever kind and  never gave up

My friends have heart of gold

You are drawn to make a pledge

You must make a pledge


You make a pledge to yourself

You make a pledge to your friends

You make a pledge to your family

You make a pledge to existence

To brethren, to love, to children, to all


A sovereign will

To organize self

To discipline self

Like a soldier on a faithful journey

Uniformed in love of friends

You pledge to them

All of yourself

You pledge to esistence

Every bit of yourself


No more a wail of sorrow

No more caged inhibitions

You make a pledge

It is all you have

Love, prayer, blessings to friends

It is all you ever had..


I am shy but very fond of people.  And have had the incredible good fortune of meeting some lovely people in this journey of life. We all have this blessings showered on us in life when we are young. I reminisce about them, feel nostalgic about them, feel love and respect for all of them. Men and women. Somewhere life made me withdraw, to seek, to know, to unlearn.But  I have few friends. They can be counted in a single hand. They are my prophet, christ and mother teresa.  I love them.

I have grown older. My friends have families or are getting hitched. We don’t even live in the same city. I wish could meet them often. This pledge is for them. My golden hearted friends. My extended family. My angels on earth.

Hope you have a lovely day dear friends. My friends are beautiful, they are like a compass, they humble me,  am sure it is much same for you..

Thank you!















2 Responses to “A pledge”

  1. Follow Your Shadow June 6, 2014 at 2:24 pm #

    Very beautifully written

    • sureshvn June 7, 2014 at 5:58 am #

      Thanks so much friend, so very kind of you 🙂

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