Vamos Rafa, Remember Ferrer..

5 Jun

Vamos Rafa, Remember Ferrer..

“Ferrer and Nadal are physical specimens…Unreal to watch. Nobody on tennis earth gets more out of every ounce of talent than David Ferrer”

― Andy Roddick (@andyroddick) via Twitter

I couldn’t follow the match had gone to a seminar. So Nadal it is. Remember Ferrer. “David on clay, on any surface, is one of the best players of the world. Every year it seems he’s doing everything better and better,” Nadal had said before the match. Please see :

” I will try to do my best,” said Ferrer. “I will try to play aggressively with my forehand and try to finish the points at the net. But of course it’s going to be difficult with Rafael on a clay court. Tactically, I will have to be perfect. I hope that I will instill some doubts in Rafa’s mind, but if we play at our best level, both of us, he will be the better player. So I will pull out all the stops to play well without making errors, and we’ll see what’s going to happen. ” Please see :

And he did. Both are my favorite sports persons. They inspire me every time. For sheer effort and consistency there is nobody like them. They are No.1 and No.5 for a reason. It is not always necessary a champion be inspirational, it is sheer effort and giving it all that , every ounce of talent as Andy Roddick tweets. David Ferrer is inspirational. Always.

Vamos Rafa! 9th this time and You are the best! Remember Ferrer..

Have a lovely day dear friends! Thank you!


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