Maya Angelou: A Hymn to Human Endurance

30 May

Maya Angelou: A Hymn to Human Endurance

I wish to share Time magazine obituary of the Inspirational writer-poet Maya Angelou today. The great soul’s life is a testimony that ” Impossible is nothing and nothing is a tragedy.” To quote the writer of this piece, Lev Grossman ” When Maya Angelou was 16 she became not only the first black streetcar conductor in San Francisco but the first woman conductor. By the time she was 40 she had also been, in no particular order, a cook, a waitress, a madam, a prostitute, a dancer, an actress, a playwright, an editor at an English-language newspaper in Egypt, and a Calypso singer (her one album is entitled “Miss Calypso.”) It wasn’t until 1970, when she was 41, that she became an author: her first book, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, told the story of her life up to the age of 17. That remarkable life story ended today at the age of 86.” 

Maya Angelou has written seven memoirs. Maya Angelou’s life is also a testimony to human spirit and survival. It also inspires me that if all of us ” could find one voice, that one voice could be our salvation”.  It  could be “writing”  as for great soul, it could be “acting” for other, it could be “dance” for some , it could be “painting”, it could be “business”, it could be a “career in a company”, it could be ” not for profits ”  anything which we can give our heart and mind, we could have a legitimate voice.That voice is important.

I also liked ” she rose at 4 or 5 every morning and went to a bare room at a nearby motel to work, alone with a stack of legal pads, a Bible, a dictionary, a thesaurus, and a bottle of sherry.”  I guess sherry is a bottle of Spanish wine.  I do fancy the writer’s life.

Please also see a embedded video interview by Belinda luscombe, Editor at large at TIME  with Maya Angelou. The writer speaks about her mother delightfully ” She had record players and she danced in the house, she shook  all the time and snapped her fingers, When asked why did she do this, she said ” I am keeping my motor running”. Please also see the delightful interviewer impersonating an intruder’s escape sounds. I discovered the song ” I hope you dance” from this interview. I also like the great soul says in the interview ” I want to write so that the reader in Kowloon ( China), Capetown, Pretoria ( South Africa), Harlem , Boston , so that reader can say ” That’s the truth” “. This is all humble self aspires to in everything.

Life keeps throwing us curve balls and Maya Angelou is a testimony that ” Nothing can defeat human spirit and we can survive very well and with immense grace”.

I leave you with a quote from obituary piece  ” What I would really like said about me is that I dared to love,” Angelou told an interviewer in 1985. “By love I mean that condition in the human spirit so profound it encourages us to develop courage and build bridges, and then to trust those bridges and cross the bridges in attempts to reach other human beings.” We should all dare to love.

May the great soul’s spirit give us vitality ” to survive life and survive handsomely.”

Thank you dear friends!


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