Rafa or Novak ? Who is the 2014 french Open favorite ?

28 May

Rafa or Novak ? Who is the 2014 french Open favorite ?

” When they lose they blame their luck, but I’ve put more hours than they have, that’s why I win. That’s my trick 😉 “

― Rafael Nadal ( Twitter/ Rafael Nadal status for a poker win, thus so with tennis also 🙂 )

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I am not on Twitter. I think this twitter/ Rafa Nadal status  sounds ominous for a 9th French open title. Rafa Nadal is my favorite sports person of modern times and have done few posts on Rafa. Nobody deserves to win more than Rafa. Not just @ Roland Garros. Everywhere. For grit, hardwork and goodness.

Having said so like Novak immensely. Brilliant player, good hearted, great guy and so much fun.  Please see this story ” Novak Djokovic opened his French Open bid on Monday, his campaign really began back on Saturday. After donating the entire purse (no less than $750,000) from winning the ATP Masters 1000 in Rome, he called on the international community to help him raise funds for recovery efforts in the wake of flooding that has left thousands homeless in the Balkans.”

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So  who will it be this year @ Roland Garros, Novak or Rafa ?

Does Rafa recent fallibility at clay reveal ” minor chink in  armor “,  may be, may be not, chances are Rafa will prevail undisputed “king of clay.” If Novak wins it would be wonderful, no better player in modern times, great game and a wonderful personality.  May be its Novak’s year this year.Novak has just beaten Rafa at Rome.  Just may be…

Either way the game is winner, think the great Roger Federer is the real winner,  twin girls before, twin boys now, isn’t that wonderful 🙂 Give me children any day..

Please see this little survey on Rafa or Novak from Roland Garros 🙂 Hope you have a lovely day dear friends!

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    […] Rafa is my favorite modern sports person. If you see the amount of injuries endured and yet come out stronger there is no greater testimony to human will and grit. It is superhuman. ( Please see an earlier post :😉 […]

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