Good vibes only..

26 May

 Good vibes only..

Good Vibes is everything. It’s nothing to do with others. It’s not a deed. It may not be visual appeal. It’s something you are. Something inherently you. A beautiful core. All of us have it. All of us must recognize it. All of us lose it. All of us must replenish it. Good Vibes is also ongoing discovery of beautiful you. Good vibes is our gift to the world. Good vibes is also best gift to ourselves.

To share a incident, remember in one of my early jobs my boss had sent me to meet his friend. I knew he was going to evaluate me. I was never born dumb. The guy got wild in between and said in exasperation ” How you come across was more important than your intelligence or something like that.. ” I was both innocuous and had a Indiana Jones expression. I thanked him and left. I guess in a way he was hinting at ” Good Vibes.”

I liked dark humor. One was never shy of saying it in a repartee or just to see a guy’s reaction. It was like a war dance. Some people loved it. Most hated it. My friend who would laugh with me and was more experienced in the industry had told me not to display bland humour. I had told him that asked someone ” Are you Alexander the great? ” My friend had laughed and called me idiot. I guess it was my only entertainment in Life. I was just little naughty. Life was pretty grim.

Nevertheless when young all thought was needed was a ” good heart ” and ” fun”. I later understood that good vibes is really good inner core. Loving. Compassionate. dignified. Considerate.

I relegated dark humor only to private situations. Good Vibes is our gift to the world. It can alleviate human suffering and bring good cheer. It is to keep our inner selves smiling. It can create miracles in life. Work is just a healthy bonus. Health is a bigger bonus. Relationships get better..

” Be happy,be loving and believe in yourself always” dear friends. And one more thing “smile”.

Have a lovely day dear friends! Good Vibes only. Thank you!

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