20 May

I discovered artiste NEeMA and this beautiful song courtesy Leonard Cohen’s official page on Facebook. The artiste is in a way Leonard Cohen protege. Please see :

For more on NEeMA :

Masi: ( Thank you)

God bless us all
Every one of us
The short, the long and the tall
The Muslims, the Jews, the Buddhists and Hindus
The Christians, the Witches, the Shamans and Sadhus
The Atheists, the Agnostics, all those that can’t choose
The Pagans, the Raleans and all the Yahoos
The Israelis, the Arabs and the victims of war
And all those who wonder what it’s all for

Ja help us all
The short, the long and the tall
The saviours, the sinners and all
The beggars, the dealers, the liars and stealers
The sick, the suffering, the prophets and healers
The beautiful Earth that we’re raping away
As the adverse effects keep growing each day
And the animals that may soon be extinct
Much sooner than most people think

Thank you Creator for this life
Help us to come together as one
Remembering we share the same air
And soak the same sun
Masi ( Thank You)

I liked the song, the video, the locale, the words, the singer and the camel so Masi 🙂

Hope you like this beautiful song as much  enjoyed sharing ! Have a lovely day dear friends!

Thank you!


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