Little poems, learning, life

18 May

India Elections 2014: Aspirations

The world is aspirational

The country is aspirational

People are aspirational

And why not?


Lets leave ideology to ideologues

Thinking to columnists and  newspapers

Let politburo choose its hue of red

Let  every party wail, cry and introspect

We want ” What we want and we want them badly”.

And why not?


The man came sold a dream

All of his might and them acumen

Every one latched on

Poor, crippled, privileged

Man, woman, children

And Why not ?


Every one has aspiration

He the doer sold the dream

And Why not ?


Let me learn ” the learning “

Let me then look at ” my aspiration”

 And Why not ?


” The doer is King “

And Why not…



As you walked by yesterday

By the trees and night stars

You realized ” you are so by yourself “

How and why did you turn recluse?


A girl riding pillion on a bike

Looks at you and bike halts

The girl smiles and rider smiles

She still smiles and he too

Then asks lazily for directions

You say and she  smiles

You wave a ” Good Bye” and she still smiles.

You wonder “How and why did you turn recluse?


You remember something

You remember your friend

You remember “Twenty years have passed..”

You remember the day

You bought a ” mobile phone”

You were excited ” Your friend might call..”

You wonder and fight those memories

You wonder “How and when did you turn recluse? “


You  remember seeing  a television interview

Of some one  pretty and well known

” She said she is a recluse, when she steps out, she does it as a job.”

You were surprised and happy

Resolved ” That’s what you must do too”

You wonder though “How and why did you turn recluse? “

You silently thank the lady and televised interview

Yes,  ” You must step out and do it as a job”

You wonder though “How and why did you turn recluse? ..

My Friend beautiful:

I am missing my friend

My childhood friend

My beautiful friend

Its six months now

Is my friend gone forever ?

Meeting my friend was sublime

God’s will and divine grace

A memory pure and fine

When we were children

And stars in eyes

I count my days

Hoping all will be fine.

A prayer, a wish, a longing

A phone call, a message

A ” Hello” then…

Hope all is well with you dear friends! My thoughts today  and my little life. Hope you have a lovely day!

Thank you!
















































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