Camille Lepage (1988-2014)

15 May

Camille Lepage (1988-2014)

I read a story about a young French Photojournalist Camille Lepage assassinated in a conflict area in the Bouar region of the Central African Republic. The young journalist was on assignment when she lost her life.  The New yorker story says ” On Tuesday, the body of the twenty-six-year-old French photojournalist Camille Lepage was found in a car  driven by members of the so-called Anti-Balaka militia force in the Bouar region of the Central African Republic. Lepage, who moved to the country last year to document the conflict in the region, worked as a freelancer and was on assignment when she was killed. The office of President François Hollande released a statement that read, “Everything will be done to uncover the circumstances of this assassination and to track down who murdered our compatriot.”  Please follow the link for a snap shot of little brave girl’s work in Central African Republic. The picture album poignantly details strife driven affairs of Central African Republic.

The Guardian also has a story on Camille Lepage. Please see :

The Guardian story quotes Ms. Lepage’s last tweet on May 6 ” Travelling with the anti-balaka to Amada Gaza, about 120km from Berberati. We left at 3.30am to avoid the Misca [International Support Mission to the Central African Republic] checkpoints and it took us eight hours by motorbike as there is no proper roads to reach the village. In the region of Amada Gaza, 150 people were killed by the Seleka [an alliance of rebel militia factions] between March and now. Another attack took place on Sunday killing 6 people, the anti-balaka Colonel Rock decides to send his elements there to patrol around and take people who fled the bush back to their homes safely. ”  May be she got killed because she was part of a touring party. Otherwise its so hard to fathom a young girl killed for doing her job..

The Guardian story also quotes little brave girl ” Since I was very little, I’ve always wanted to go and live in a place where no one else wants to go, and cover in-depth conflict related stories … I can’t accept that people’s tragedies are silenced simply because no one can make money out of them.”

I was thinking of ” idealism” and ” practicalities” today. It is only then the very brave and good who have such noble intent. It is only the brave who have such good hearts. We must never forget the work of this little ” big hearted” young photo journalist. There is so much strife and conflict in the world. Sometimes find all development debates meaningless. Man is still a brute and that’s why perhaps seek salvation in some ideology. Otherwise civic sense and goodness must have prevailed. The world needs a Gandhi, Mandela, Lincoln to show the way.

Anja Niedringhaus and now the  young Camille Lepage ,the two brave photojournalists must never be forgotten! Never!

My humble salutations!Thank you!




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