The Most Stunning Stained Glass Windows In The World

7 May

The Most Stunning Stained Glass Windows In The World

I want to share this beautiful picture gallery of stained glass windows from . These pictures are from Cathedrals, Chapels, Synagogue and Mosque. To quote from the preface of this pictorial tribute, writer  Yasmine Hafiz says ” When stepping into a holy place, our eyes seek the light. If we’re lucky, the light will be shining through a stained glass window, adding illumination and beauty at once. Stained glass windows tell stories, educate and inspire.” So true. Each one is so beautiful and each one a architectural marvel. it’s also about structures. It’s difficult to pick a favorite in this gallery. Every one of them then is a favorite. Refraction of light becomes divine through these glass windows and may be this is man’s best tribute to the one above.  Nearly all religions are represented. All religions are same. If only we could embrace all religion. The world would be as beautiful as these stained glass windows. Hope you like this pictorial tribute dear friends!

Have a nice smiling day! Love and light! Thank you!


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