5 May

I woke up at 5 am in morning. The first thought that came to my mind was about ” Failure”. Unusual for a first thought. May be its the Shah Rukh Khan talk that’s playing on my mind and sub conscious ( ” I think I have imbibed the fear of failure that I have seen my father go through. And I didn’t want to fail like him. ” ) May be its a recent episode in my residential premises which shook me. I have since resolved to find a new place.

I want to  share a painful realization ” If we don’t look after our interests, rights or loved ones, someone opportunistic will come and take them away permanently. That sucks. That hurts big time.”

I have come across literature and talks which  celebrate ” Failure” as stepping stones of success or as great learning experiences. Some celebrated speakers of TEDTalks has even dubbed it as a ” Failure conference”. Failure sure is a great source of learning. There is truth in that. My God’s honest truth is ” I am fed up and hate failure”. I hate it and want no more to do with it.  How do i I ensure that ?

I think only true path towards success is ” You must want it at all costs. You must not let doubt creep in. Then you will find a way. You will get it.” But you must want it badly. You must believe. You must be courageous. And you must be humble enough to do ” right things”, you succeed only when you do ” right things.”

 ” Losing always creates doubts, anyone who tells you the opposite is lying. There is no benefit in losing. The easiest thing is to keep winning because everything comes naturally without thinking. When you lose you think more about where to move on the court, where to hit the ball, but that is what has happened and as I have said various times you cannot win in Monte Carlo or Barcelona 12 times. To lose twice in quarter finals
  is normal. Perhaps what has been abnormal is what has happened in recent years. ”

― Rafael Nadal, 13 times Grand slam Champion, explaining recent loses..

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The very best have to navigate through  rough terrain of ” doubt” .It’s the same for everyone. Its the conquest of this ” doubt” which is then success. My bet is Rafael Nadal will conquer this ” doubt” and win a unprecedented 9th French Open later this month.

Have no “fear” dear friends. Have no ” doubts” dear friends. Always have ” faith”. As for myself , I have come to hate failure and may be that’s a good thing..

Good night friends! Hope you have a lovely day! Thank you!




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