Appetite for prayer ( ISKCON)

2 May

Appetite for prayer ( ISKCON)

” Sometimes a deep appetite for prayer arises, and I pray. Where my prayer is addressed, I would not dare to say. I would not dare to try to describe where my prayer is aimed. ”

― Leonard Cohen ( NRK Interview 2006 )

Today is one such day. Sometimes soul asks in beggance. I felt the urge to go to ISKCON Temple. I felt the need to go there and chant. It’s an inner call and felt the need to chant in solitude. I hadn’t been there in a while. I spent an hour there and came back. This is a picture of the prayer performed by the priest. If you would wish to read about chanting :

Hope you have a lovely peaceful day! My friend told me something nice which forgot to share in the ” The dream catcher ” post yesterday . He had said ” ” we must “enjoy people”, like we enjoy good clothes, good food, good places etc “. It’s so very true so please “enjoy people” and If you feel the ” craving to pray like me today, pray ” . Thank you dear friends 🙂


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