The Dream Catcher : Shah Rukh Khan

1 May

” I don’t deride myself or deprecate myself, when i say ” I am kind of Capitalist” , just that am a survivor who wants to live well and think well.”

” Pragmatic, practical, poet.”

” Commercial poet.”

― Shah Rukh Khan, THINK, 2012

For more and note :

I have done posts on Shah Rukh Khan. I will continue to do so. I love Shah Rukh khan. I heard Swapan Dasgupta mocking Rahul Gandhi in a television discussion for saying ” Lalu Prasad Yadav was a idea “. Well, I love Shah Rukh Khan as an “idea ” and also the ” idea” of Shah Rukh Khan. I also love Shah Rukh Khan as a ” metaphor” . But Before that…

My friend called me yesterday. My friend is a medical doctor who lives in Boston. He told me about his new job. His two children. He told me enthusiastically ” children are the most beautiful experience in the world, only unconditional relationship in a conditional world.” My friend moved to America a decade and more ago. He told me about his father’s ailment. His mother’s predicament. My friend is driven, Type A, smart , kind and a cardiologist. I told him ” You are the Obama of my life”. He never fails to ask the most important question ” How is your brother” and says kind words to me for my brother’s rehabilitation. He is a doctor . He ” understands” and has seen most of my formative life.

I shared this conversation with my friend to give a pretext to this piece on Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh Khan as a “metaphor”, to my life. I find Shah Rukh Khan brightest voice from these parts and a “alchemist”. I now also find Shah Rukh Khan as a ” metaphor”. Shah Rukh khan in this candid discussion talks about his father as ” the most successful failure in the world” . He says ” I think I have imbibed the fear of failure that I have seen my father go through. And I didn’t want to fail like him.” He speaks of his mother’s energy as ” She was a go-getter, very enthusiastic and had a lot of energy to earn money to educate us.” He ruminates ” It was their education which makes me a very pragmatic practical poet. It makes me someone who has dreams like my father did. I am a believer, idealistic, utopian, thoughtful and gentle like my dad and I want to do all those things with a stomach full of food and have a good car and a good house. I don’t deride myself, when I say I am kind of of a capitalist. Its just that I am a survivor who wants to live well and think well.” He is what he is because of his mother and father. Aren’t we all.

Shah Rukh Khan also speaks about his father demise because of Throat cancer. He speaks of his mother passing away. Both when he was young. He says of his Sister” My sister saw his body, looked at it and just collapsed and for the next two years she did not recover from the shock. She didn’t cry but she could not face the reality of our father’s death,” he said. “During DDLJ she was again hospitalized and they said she won’t survive. I took her to Switzerland and got her treatment while I was shooting for Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam.” Further he says ” I love my sister how she is. She is a much better person than I can ever be. I think she is a child of God and very naive and innocent. My kids love her more than they love me and my wife. And I very glad she is a part of my life like this.”

The humble parallels for me here are : my father too passed away of throat cancer. My brother also like Shah Rukh’s ” sister” had a clinical condition and lived in a rehabilitation home for seven years. My doctor friend never fails to remind me that ” his recovery is miraculous”. This is the only real success for me in life. I have a sister who is perfectly fine. I spent many many moments in hospitals and rehabilitation homes. It changed me as a person.

The biggest worry for me is what Shah Rukh Khan says about his father here ” I think my father was most successful failure in the world”. That is my greatest fear. I have survived. I have not survived well. The industry experience has been a nothing experience for me really. As Shah Rukh Khan says ” Its just that I am a survivor who wants to live well and think well.” I need to live well also not just think well. I need to be enthusiastic and go – getter like Shah Rukh khan’s mother, passionate, driven and commercial like Shah Rukh Khan..

I just need to be Shah Rukh Khan of my life..

We all need to be Shah Rukh Khan of our lives. I dedicate this to my friend who is ” Shah Rukh Khan of her life ” and doing a great job..

I dedicate this to all of you. ” Ambition ” is good. Ambition must have a “purpose”. It is bad then only when it is vain. It is good. Self actualization is good, if it is to overcome pain, so be it…

Let us then ” be Shah Rukh Khan of  our lives, our best lives…” Never listen to Naysayers!

The Dream Catcher….

Hope you have a lovely day! Thank you!


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