Tito Vilanova

27 Apr

Tito Vilanova

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I read about former F.C Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova’s sad demise. First time read about illness few years ago, gave me lump in throat. The disease is never a good omen. My father had it. I was sad. He was only forty five. No age to go for a Barcelona coach. No age to go for anyone. Sad. May god bless his family with eternal strength and love.

Please see this tribute to coach from Josep Maria Bartomeu i Floreta,President of FC Barcelona :

The president of FC Barcelona writes and i quote :

” We have learned many things thanks to Tito.His humility and discretion, uncommon values in the world of football today. His perfectionism and his penchant to demand the most of himself was a source of inspiration for all who have worked with him. I remember that he required the Camp Nou’s pitch to be like a perfect carpet! He did not care if need be persistent if it was necessary, because he fought for what he believed with the same enthusiasm he put into his own work.”

Good bye Tito Vilanova! Eternally Remembered!!

Thank you!


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