No more Random..

26 Apr

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”
   ― Dolly Patron

Its been those days

Haunted, broken, vulnerable

Your trusted ones long gone

Your father, the beloved, childhood

The veil of tears

sudden and unbecoming

You who never cry

Travesties of time or otherwise


Your soul bursts open

Valley of tears

Long gone and recent

You search, grope, wonder

” How come…”


All you have is a soul

All you have is a smile

All you have is a spirit

Yes, you your own friend


You are still blessed though

children and women still kind

Nobody who ever knows you

Never unkind and never unloving


Your two best  friends,

They who give you warmth

love , embrace, shade

like a benevolent tree


They never give up on you

Never ever like a North star

They your candescent light

You are broken but so very grateful..


It suddenly dawns on you

Flashes through your splintered light

You cannot do much

Family health and god’s will

But you ” You must be never random

Yes no more random, no more…”


That’s my bleeding insight

blood soaked, weary and long sufferring

” Yes be no more random with life

No more random with love

No more random with work…”


You who accept everything

Without rancor nor complaints

Zen, eagle and river

Your living symbols

Yes but “Be no more random, heaven sake..”


You must do what you love

You must be with whom you love

You must work with precision

No hazy eyes or bitter symphonies

You must then ” be no more random”


You who know “yourself “

You must then be intentional

Some recognize you privately

Your enemies publicly


You must be something

You have never been really

You must ” never ever be random..”


You must do what you want

You must want ” What you want”

No more random, never ever random..”

Atleast ” Be No more  random, do what you must, be what you must…”


I had a “vision” of life like everyone. I want to reclaim my vision. My insight is ” be no more random”. I remembered this Dolly Patron quote which is really ” The truth” .

“I pray for my friends, I pray for my beloved, I pray for my family, I will pray for you too!” I believe people are not axioms,theories or judgements , they must be loved, another post 🙂

Have a lovely day dear friends! Thank you!





























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