23 Apr

I walk by everyday and they are always there green, momentous and all embracing. I have spent many moments with them, around them ,walking or running past them. If life overwhelms and have no answers they have been worthy companions. I read in school they are living entities. They can breath. I guess it was  Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose  who first said they are living entities. They are life giving . Imagine if there was  no photosynthesis , no oxygen, no fresh air. Imagine a world like that. In some parts they are divine. People tie threads around them and splash turmeric around them . Does that make them divine? I wouldn’t know. I do know they are angels on earth. Man’s best friend. The source of wisdom. The Tree.Image

I took this picture today morning. I spent more time in nature than with people. It was partly by inclination and partly circumstantial.  Some people like argument. Some like church. I like to spend time in nature and come to a personal insight. Ethics are universal but truth is personal. Our situations are personal. How truth could be a common code ? We must do what is good for us. Imagine if trees were judgmental like rest of us. Where would we go? They are just giving. They don’t judge. They synthesize toxins into something good. I learnt so much from them ” We reap what we sow.” ” Every plant and tree grows at its own pace and period”. Thus so with us. ” Oranges are oranges. Apples are apples.” So are we. Many more.


I love nature. I love trees. I wish and pray we plant more trees. I wish there were more playgrounds for children? How much can you visit malls and coffee shops? we need more conservation. We need forest. We need sustainable development. I read about a Zen story, a disciple who wanted to draw a perfect ” Bamboo ” tree and every time would show his drawing to his master. The master would say ” something is missing”. It went on like this for long time. The master then said ” If you want to draw a perfect bamboo tree, you have to be a bamboo tree first.” The disciple then went to forest to observe and be like a bamboo tree. The master after sometime went searching and found his disciple standing like a Bamboo tree. He had become one with bamboo tree. He told him ” It’s enough now and you can now draw a Bamboo tree.”  This only a story. Its about meditativeness and becoming one with the subject. May be we do not need to become one with trees. We just need to emulate trees. Life would be more beautiful 🙂


I dedicate this to mine  and yours truest friends. They who never judge,  are always encouraging and all embracing. They are like a benevolent tree. Have a lovely day dear friends! Thank you!





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