Arianna Huffington on How to ‘Thrive’

21 Apr

Arianna Huffington on How to ‘Thrive’

I like The Huffington Post. I keep sharing articles and stories from the news site. Please see this  free wheeling interview of Arianna Huffington, founder ,The Huffington Post about her new book ” Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder” with the very amiable and perceptive Wharton management professor Adam M Grant.

Arianna Huffington  does not have a American accent . It’s useless trivia perhaps, but may be a giveaway for more content than form. She doesn’t need form in any case.She says with wonderful Greek diction ” When I looked around at colleagues, friends and the world at large, [I realized] that we had shrunk the definition of success down to two metrics: money and power. We had left out what I now call the third metric, which includes our well-being, our wisdom, our capacity to wonder and bring joy into our lives, and our capacity to give. Without these four pillars, life is really reduced to our to-do list. We continue to neglect our own selves and our own health and well-being.”. Hence the title.

The good professor queries ” biggest changes that you have made to your daily habits and practices”. Arianna Huffington says in answer to same ” The biggest first change that I made was sleep. At the end of each section of the book, I have three little baby steps that I recommend. They mirror the baby steps that I took. The first one was I began getting 30 minutes more sleep a night than I was getting before, until gradually I got from four to five hours, which is what I was getting before I collapsed, to seven to eight hours, which is what I’m getting now. The result has been transformational. All the science now demonstrates unequivocally that when we get enough sleep, everything is better: our health; our mental capacity and clarity; our joy at life and our ability to live life without reacting to every bad thing that happens. In everybody’s life, there are things that happen every day that we wish had not happened. How we react to them very much determines the quality of our life.” Further she goes on talk about Yoga, meditation, giving and living in the moment. This is true. I think good sleep and good laugh can help most matters.

On accomplishment  she says ” The first two metrics, when defined in a profound way, are about accomplishment. It can be accomplishment that also brings a lot of money or influence. Or it can be accomplishment that gives a lot of inner satisfaction. So, the book is not against money and influence and whatever power really means in the modern world. It’s against shrinking ourselves to define our lives and our purpose in terms of these two metrics. It’s a question of what is in the foreground and what is in the background of our lives.”

I think it’s a tricky question.There may be no direct answers. We are human beings and by our very construct need help and support all the times. I tend to believe Truth is a pathless land” ( krishnamurti). Whatever is our direct encounter with reality is the truth. We all have to pursue our truth. I have learnt ” We can be happy regardless of variables of life and happiness is a internal feeling.” I also realized ” Health should be our first priority. If we are in good shape and feeling good. We can accomplish anything or cope better with extraneous challenges.” I also feel ” We must love and respect every one.” I believe ” If you have a loving family, you are successful. If you have work, you are successful .” Peace and Non judgemental are same things. These things know for sure. As for accomplishment ( money and influence) do your very best,  shoot for excellence, leave rest to your Boss, Karma and God 🙂 May be Arianna Huffington ‘s book has more integrated answers and insights. I am sure it does.

Hope you like this interview with very persuasive and accomplished Arianna Huffington. Have a lovely day dear friends! Thank you!



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