Unsung Hero : TVC Thai Life Insurance 2014 ( Beautiful advertisement)

13 Apr

My friend shared with me this beautiful advertisement. I want to share this heart warming advert for you dear friends. A beautiful “do gooder”. He doesn’t do it to please anyone. He does it because “he was born that way”. He is innocent. He is human. He is loving. He is away from fish- bowl ” what’s in it for me.” He only wants to give. The advert says ” He get’s nothing in return. He dosen’t get richer. What he gets is emotions. He witnesses happiness. He reaches a deeper understanding. He feels love. He makes world beautiful.” Even if this is an advertisement for TVC Thai life Insurance. It is a very nice and thoughtful advert. It is the real truth. We have all seen wonderful do gooders in life. Good people. They have no motive apart from love and goodness. My father was one. I am sure so were your parents. Most parents. My friend. Your friend. This is your truly’s life lesson and experience.

I wish to add something ” If you live for others, you live beautifully. If you live for yourself, world respects you.” It’s a strange world. My well meaning friend gave me a advise few months back ” Nobody will give you an award. You focus on yourself now.” It’s only now have started thinking in terms of myself. I am happy my sister is good. My brother is earnest. My mother little healthy. I can start thinking of possible family and life of own.

I also learnt ” Every one has their own destiny. Everything comes to you at right time. it comes at different phase of life to everyone.” We must then take care of ourselves. We must be the beautiful ” do gooder”. We must carry everyone along. It is all possible. This is my aspiration.

This advert is my answer to earlier post. ” Someone who looks after self, a do gooder, someone who carries every one along”. Hope you like this lovely advert.

Have a easy Sunday dear friends! Thank you!


2 Responses to “Unsung Hero : TVC Thai Life Insurance 2014 ( Beautiful advertisement)”

  1. followyourshadow April 14, 2014 at 4:46 pm #

    I also recently saw this video and was deeply touched. What a beautiful message.

    • sureshvn April 14, 2014 at 5:29 pm #

      Thank you my friend, very true, beautiful message!

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