Happiness ( Screensaver)

8 Apr

 Happiness ( Screensaver)

“Always try to keep a patch of sky above your life.”

― Marcel Proust

Happiness is voluntary. It is up-to us. Some day’s its hard work. Some day’s it seems alien. Some day’s its a drain. Mostly happiness is in little things. May be we should become more conscious. We can then make it voluntary. Now it lapses from involuntary to voluntary. It oscillates from ridiculous to sublime. The more and more we develop control of our energies and mind. We can be more voluntary. Am i going in circles 🙂

I find happiness in little things. I like the ordinary extraordinarily. I like to arrange books. I like a bookmark. I like to walk. I like to run. I like ball point pen. I like wooden chairs. I like wooden tables. I like to clean drawers. I like to clean kitchen. Every thing ordinary. I Learnt ” if we are total in everything we do, we can be happy”. May be that’s what people mean when they say ” He or she is a natural in so and so…”. Sometimes they say ” he or she is in a zone…”. May be they love what they do. May be they transfer their love to what they do. Either way it’s zen. It’s love. When am not in zone or that love. It’s stress. I fall sick 🙂

One of things do every day is change screen saver or personalize desktop background of computer. Its one of my first rituals. For me its a tennis player or a soccer star. So its anybody from ATP world tour. Or from FC Barcelona. This Roger Federer picture is my screensaver of day 🙂 Source :

My last assignment was in Human resources. I would do lot of exit interviews. Most people would state something which they did not like or something company should improve. That’s the whole idea. One girl told me ” she did not like the screensaver on the computer and the fact one can’t change it.” She was right. It was bland company screensaver with some quote from CEO. As if he was quoting The Talmud 🙂

I think it’s fun to have a new image on the computer. Something you like. Something you admire. Something that inspires you. Something that makes you happy. I am old now so no Robert Redford or Susan Sarandon images. Its mostly sports stars. Sometimes a Pinterest quote.

Have a lovely day! Happiness is also a screensaver 🙂 Thank you!


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