Elections 2014

26 Mar

The biggest talent show

The biggest road trip

The biggest jamboree

The big bang hope

Won’t you come

one and all


The slug fest

The slimefest

The liliput

The madcap

The beauty queen

The marketed strength

The proverbial young

The idealogue

The trade union

The poor and wretched

The supporting cast

The Analyst

The psephologist

Come, Come, Come

Won’t you come

One and all


So you are the favorite

The marketed strength

Messiah of development

Center of right

Or right of centre

Pumped up glory

Every one a fool

Every one a doormat

Even your elders

You are the answer

To a nation’s imbecile cry

Good luck Sir

You time has come

I want nothing to do

with this, that or future


You have been the anointed one

You are proverbial young

You baby faced  sometimes

You with a scrappy beard

You are earnest

You are even diligent

You are never relevant

Can you tell why ?

Your elitist government

Worst in recent times

I wish you luck

I wish you love

Your time will surely come

May not be now

May not be tommorrow

But it will come

One day

I will be old then

I want nothing to do

with this, that or future


You are the new block

Irreverent, courageous, madcap

The middle class hope

The clean one

Your intentions honorable

You made great in roads

forty plus days governed

Very impressive

You are in hurry

A tearing hurry

You do not get

What you want

You go and sleep

in the street

I love it,

Bed-sheet, pillow, street

Love it, love it, love it

Damn the world

Hell with the world

Bed-sheet, pillow, street

Tomorrow if dignitaries

come visiting

They will sleep on street

love it, love it, salaam sir

I wish you luck

I wish you success

Remember them communists

They are clean too

Does that make things relevant ?

Never mind ,

I wish you well,

I want nothing to do

with this, that or future


There are others too

The Good

The satrap

The mother

The madam

The chieftain

The communists

One day their time

may come too,

I wish them well,

I want nothing to do

with this, that or future


I yearn for a time past

There were leaders

They had a  core

They had a vision

Now times have changed

Am myself not young any more

I like things with a inner core

Never mind me,

You come

Won’t you come

one and all..

Does my life change

with a new government

Hope it doesn’t get worse

I like my freedom and yours too

Freedom of mind then is greatest freedom

Hope that remains for me and you


I miss my father

I miss my  friend

Desire work to be honorable

I have dreams

I have aspirations

Am a common man and zen

Will my dreams come true

Amreeka just in case..


 My little thoughts on election fever here. I had a thought  today “No matter what, our lives are precious and we must love our lives.” Hope you have a lovely day! Thank you!






















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