Three day Journey..

10 Mar

I have been away on road for three days. Few days ago had sent a mail to people who know me well to give feedback on my negative points. I got just one reply. It was from my brother in law and he mentioned that am not going out and need to step out more often. It’s true. I am extremely sincere with well meaning advice. I decided to take remedial action immediately.

Luckily one of my friends sent me an invite for a book launch@ Bombay. Its a neighboring city. I decided to go and show support to my author friend. My sister also shared her plans with me and invited me to join her and in laws for a visit  to a ancient temple in another city. So suddenly had plans for two cities. I guess everything starts with us and an intent.  Things fall in place. They always do.

I stayed over @ sister’s place on Thursday night and took a afternoon  Volvo Bus  to Bombay. Its convenient and you can read a book or catch a movie. Some pictures of my little journey for your dear friends.


Me in my bus seat. I had plans to read two books was carrying but ended up watching a funny brainless Bollywood film. Two of my fellow passenger’s a guy and a lady were  equally engrossed in this no brainer of a movie. We laughed and had a pleasant journey. If we accept others our every journey is so much fun. Snob stuff is so boring and big ” no no ” for me.


The bus took a halt at this terminus. I  had a good brunch at my sisters place and my brother in law gave me boiled eggs also. I was not hungry and just had a cup of tea@ the terminus.


I took pictures from my window seat. This is from the express highway.


The sea as you enter the city. It was difficult to be still and take pictures from Bus. Also the movie kept heckling me.

I reached my destination early. My journey was pleasant. I made friends with a guy and a little girl  who excitedly gave me directions. She told me she was a medical student from my city. I spoke to her for sometime and wondered if life had taken a particular path probably would have a daughter of that age. I wished her well and went off. These pleasant interactions would not have happened had not made the good intent of  going for my friends book launch. I was grateful.  I walked, took the local train and walked again. I had time on hands. I wanted to experience the city. I had always liked its vibe.  I exhausted myself by walking and still had an hour to go before the event. So I stepped into a coffee shop.


me in a coffee shop happily tired and sweating. I had walked the street and was also needlessly wearing a sweat shirt. I needed a coffee.


The coffee was half of my Volvo Bus fare 🙂 never mind ambiance was good and needed to spend time


Costa coffee@ Kemps corner, Mumbai. I read my book for a while but the neighborhood couple distracted me. At first thought the balding ageing man and the beautiful girl  next to my table were probably a portly father and daughter out for a coffee. May be uncle and niece. How stupid of me? Till saw the good girl who was sitting across him playfully put her legs on his lap and tickle his belly with her toes. South Bombay never surprises me. I was impressed with the old fat bald man and thought may be he is money bags or may be he knows ” What to talk”..

So me with a poker face could do nothing but take a picture..


I wished had old man’s luck or money, never mind one more picture from the coffee shop


”  I’m always alone. And my heart is like ice. And it’s crowded and cold. In My Secret Life.” ( Leonard Cohen/ In my secret life)

I decided enough of  that old man luck,  must go to the event which came for my friends  book launch. So I stepped inside crosswords  book store, the venue for the event .


The event was launch of book ”  The inspiring Journey of a Hero” by Priya Kumar. I had known the author and always liked her work. She has a high degree of self invested in every book and always has something meaningful to share be it a interaction or a interview or a talk. She also has a happy countenance and joyful spirit. The Book is a tribute and a biography to one of the leading Indian industrialist and patriarch of Hero Group, O.P. Munjal. It’s being published by Penguin India. For more :

Iam sure it will be a great book and will get my copy soon.


I could take one more picture in the event frenzy. Thats  the  well known Priya Dutt ( in pink) , member of parliament and the author Priya Kumar in brown dress. Priya Dutt was a guest of honor at the event along with industrialist’s kind daughter Priyanka Malhotra. I wished the gracious and elegant Priya Dutt and she wished me back. I was grateful. The author gave a fine speech and a vote of thanks for the nice sweet function. I wished the author and left.  I had to go to meet my sister for my next trip.


Me@ Grant Road Railway station , Mumbai . I am ready to take a local train in Mumbai after a long time. I am thinking of Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard in ring. I wondered at my immediate fate, but it was okay, crowded like hell but all right ..


Ellen DeGeneres, this is my Mumbai local train selfie and we have no twitter account 🙂

I was grateful to my friends invitation to Bombay. It gave me an opportunity to experience the city again. Mumbai or the erstwhile Bombay was city of my dreams and favorite city. I was born in suburbs  and lived with my government servant father and family till the age of fourteen. I moved to current city after that. I came back again to pursue my dreams at age twenty. I loved the city but  broke my heart. I was in tatters. I found my experiences in city heartless as a young man.  In my anger and rebelliousness  resolved to never visit again unless for work, to go to airport or some family function. I stayed away from city as much as possible as the memories haunted me. I visited the city only for work or a function in these fifteen years with zero emotional connect. I carried a emotional baggage and needed to ” let go”.  I had always loved the city, its vibe, its architecture, sea and its people, yes the old man, and needed to rediscover that. I am grateful that could re experience same again. I crossed over my emotional baggage. I am a happy person again with no bitterness.

It all started with a deep resolve  made to self in this modest  journey of life that ” I will manufacture only pure thoughts. ”  This simple resolution to be accepting and loveful has made me ” let go”. A decision to ” choose love or pain”. I chose love. I have come out of my cocoon and learnt to ” Let go.”  I must say that the days are easier and nights difficult. But i hope to practice this with awareness and commitment.  I realized we can all be happy. I remain grateful to my friends effusive invitation.

So done with Bombay. I go next with my sister and her in laws to Trimbakeshwar ancient  Hindu temple on the outskirts of Nashik city , some 200km from Mumbai. I love temples and am excited. My brother in law and sister in law have booked a ” pooja” ( Prayer ceremony” there and am going to support them. I also going to support my sister. I couldn’t click pictures of temple as they are debarred. I liked the temple and time spent there. I wonder though ” why temples in western India do not have hygienic surroundings like in southern india”. Some pictures from there..


My brother in law Amol before his prayer ceremony..


That’s my sister’s hand taking care of watches during prayer, reminiscent of actor Govinda 🙂


Me and my companion are back after three days 🙂  Goa next, Amreeka may be..

I wanted to share this little journey with you dear friends. My journey was made a  pleasant one by a mental resolve to ” create pure ,positive and loveful thoughts.”

Hope you have a lovely day! Remember ” We are all meant to be happy”. Thank you!











2 Responses to “Three day Journey..”

  1. livewhatyouknow March 10, 2014 at 6:40 pm #

    I love your willingness to share. Thank you for sharing your journey. I am wishing you joy and peaceful nights! Sending you love! – Stacy

    • sureshvn March 11, 2014 at 7:24 am #

      Thanks much and very kind of you friend. I am grateful you like the post. I try to be true to life and thanks very much for wishes. God bless you!

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