3 Mar

” Let me take this moment to get to know myself. Labels, positions, identities and belief systems. I drop each one of them. Roles, responsibilities they are just layers i have acquired. As i drop these layers and i ask myself : “Who am i “. Not the profession, not the relationships, not the responsibility. They are only “What i do”. ” Who am i “. I start to see myself master of this body, the “energy” that creates, experiences and expresses. I the being, the conscient energy, the soul and the master of this body. I am a pure, peaceful and powerful being. This is my true nature. This is my true personality. This is ” Who I am.”  What ever may be the situation. Whatever others may do. I am a pure, peaceful and powerful being. My every response, my every thought and feeling ignites from this consciousness of purity, peace and love. “

― Brahma Kumaris@Soul Connection ( Sister Shivani and Suresh Oberoi )

I want to share this meditation for you dear friends. I have quoted it verbatim. The “soul connections” series is available on you tube and also as DVD set. The great Socrates said “The unexamined life is not worth living.” This is true. The answer is ” I am a pure, peaceful and powerful being.” I want to leave you with this elevated thought.  If we could affirm ” I am a pure, peaceful and powerful being” in every situation. Our every response would be from a pure space.

Hope you like this little meditation. Remember ” Choose love” as a response. Have a lovely day. Thank you!


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