2 Mar

Good morning friends from these parts and hope you have a nice smiling weekend!  I want to share some photograph’s with you dear friends. I don’t have many pictures of past. I think only when mobile camera’s came on started taking pictures. Image

I believe this is somewhere in late nineties. This picture is from Ooty. Its a picturesque hill station in southern India. In the picture from left to right, extreme left is my aunt, then my mother, my late father, my little cousin sister,  my little sister ( barely visible here) and my uncle. My uncles family means a lot to me and love them dearly . I miss my father terribly. Whenever am feeling a heavy heart  look at this picture and my father. My father is  most loving experience of my life. His name was P M Velayudhan . Some say  me resemble him, but he was a much better  and far greater person, and also he had a fair complexion. I am a lout in comparison. He taught me to be a giver. I like to live in giving mode. I work so that can give. I want to sponsor one girl child and one special child. I think girl child is a gift of god and happiest thing to happen to a family. Boys are  good. But I want to sponsor a girl child’s education till her masters. I  also want to help one special child in rehabilitation. I want to do this both in my father’s memory. This is my goal. I hope to keep you updated on this.

Another picture in my father’s loving memory from the same trip


My little sisters are inspiration for me and am extremely fond of them. Both have gone to had good careers.

This is me when young ( sixteen or seventeen), guess was a pencil or a refill 🙂Image
left to right, my mother, my late uncle ( my mother’s elder brother) and a refill me..

Me now…

Whenever feel overwhelmed in life think of my father and my goals. Please wish me luck. Hope you have a lovely day! Thank you!













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