Saturday Musings ( February 15, 2014)

15 Feb

” The stars were traveling round, the hours were passing – and, when I arose, I had, without knowing how,engraved on my mind the double task I had to accomplish on this shore :

Escape from Buddha, rid myself by words of all my metaphysical cares and free my mind from vain anxiety;

Make direct and firm contact with men, starting from this very moment.

I said to myself: ‘ Perhaps it is not yet too late’.

― Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek 

This is exactly wish to do now.  I like the Buddha. Buddha probably has saved my life. But I need to escape from Buddha to embrace life, live fully, may be not get rid of it completely but compartmentalize it, is it possible to be a Zorba the Buddha, a mystic from these parts propounds this concept, thought it was clever, to marry Buddha and  Nikos Kazantzakis. Or is it what  Anjelica Huston called her friend Leonard Cohen “part wolf, part angel,”…

The great writer says ” Make direct and firm contact with men, starting this very moment.” This is the panacea to Buddha.

To do away with “metaphysical cares and free my mind from vain anxiety” . I would like to do away with this phase of life. I have found masters. I have found my books. Its only a case of revisiting when ever need arises or am compelled to.

I would like to embrace life and love the universe fully like used to as child and in school. My happiest memory is school and school friends.  I am also humbled and grateful to numerous affectionate responses from dear ones and near strangers in my life. Someday will chronicle and share same.  Today went to temple and there was a young family in vicinity. The little baby girl in the arms of the young father, just went ballistic with joy seeing me and waved her hands for minutes to end. I just spent good minutes waving to her. It was a moment of  joy for me, young father and little girls family. Imagine this inside a quiet temple with many corridors..

This was a joyous moment and we encounter such unbounded joy from little children at most unexpected quarters, some times at traffic signals waving from cars, school buses…

I want to live like that little baby girl and embrace life fully and bring the metaphysical fences down..

To be happy and active and do my very best..

Yes need the masters, need the twenty minutes of meditation, it is what holds me together but want to embrace life fully like the little baby girl..

I want to share with you a conversation that took place in a train some years ago, two village girls were sitting next to me, they were traveling with one of their older male relatives. The girls were bright and asked me about the book was reading. They were fascinated with  English language. They wanted to become teachers. They had studied in their district colleges. I was impressed. I showed them a picture of my sister in my mobile phone to them, told them have a sister like them at home.  One of the girls who was getting married said ” Handsome hain aapke jaisa”, gave me her phone number and also invited me for her marriage. Forget about  wrong word,  she was  alluding my sister is pretty, imagine giving a number to stranger and inviting me for marriage, of course me never called her 🙂  I realized that it  is we who have built temples and walls around us, simple people trust and live so openly, respond good moment to a good one..

That’s my goal to live fully and as the great writer says in the opening remarks ”  Perhaps it is not yet too late’…

I  like and will keep going to temples, mosques, churches for god , grace, benediction and peace . It is inseparable part of me. But will also embrace people, market, fully and love fully and totally..

I usually go to a spiritual place, a temple  on a Saturday, here is me at a favorite temple today morning..Image

I attended a wedding yesterday night, have not been too well, cold keeps troubling me, saw snow capped pictures of Central park, New york on CNN. It looked like Eastern Europe and land of Eskimos. The CNN weather anchor mentioned they spent the night in a hotel nearby so they could come to office…

I wondered what would i do in such cold? I think will die 🙂

I seem to like anything painted these days, walls, roofs, stones,  so a tree from my temple today, squeezed pictures, its a army temple where they interrogate you for taking pictures 🙂


So remember Zorba,Nikos Kazantzakis, little baby girl, bright  village girls..

I will embrace life fully, lovingly and more openly..

Here is a little dialogue from a Tom cruise movie ” Cocktail ” ( 1988) which always remembered for some strange reason..

” Brian : Listen, I’m sorry I called you a bitch.

Eleanor:  Why? I am a bitch. ”

Tom cruise ( Brian) is a bartender in the movie and in a moment of madness curses this lady and apologizes, she smiles slyly says “Why? I am a bitch.” ..:)

Hope you have a lovely weekend. “May you always be joyous like children  and fun like adolescents.” Am i making sense..

Have a nice day! Thank you!


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