A Regret and A Memory

13 Feb

A Regret :

I met him yesterday morning

Needed sun and he was going somewhere

I was not in grace and couldn’t acknowledge

He a quintessential man couldn’t care

We turned our faces away

I was embarrassed

My moment of disgrace


I couldn’t help the moment

My mother had scolded me

Rightly so and she was furious

I am old but still like a child

My mother’s fury affects me most

I struggle for grace and cannot meet people’s eye

Love my mother and she is good to me

We are different as chalk and cheese


I struggle for grace for a day or two

In such a moment had met him

In that chaotic moment of disgrace


I heard a news later in noon

He was traveling and passed away

He had a cardiac arrest on the way

They were getting back him back

pale stale and never same


I was stunned and remorseful

I didn’t even wish him in morning

I wish had smiled and said ” Hello”

As  is my wont but for a moment of unease

I was sad and disheartened.


I didn’t step out in evening

Just felt hollow

Probably was the last person

Who saw him hale and hearty

And I didn’t wish him

I didn’t smile

I just couldn’t reconcile that.


We were not close

He would be close to my father’s generation

He from old guard and hell of a man

Brash ,no niceties, just a faint smile

Helpful and he promised me

Will help me look for a new house

Sometimes we would walk

together awkwardly

He would guide on a new house

He took it as his mission


We were neighbors

I was reminded

Of fragility of life

I have been there before

I was just so embarrased

did not wish him in the morning

I had the chance

Now I never will


So went today to catch sun

Not for me but for him

I reached the moment

Where seen him last

I murmured a belated ” Hello Sir”…


It’s  a  gift to be alive. I will never let  a depressing moment from stopping to wish and acknowledge another soul. I always acknowledge another. Now will more so with awareness.


A Memory:

I stumbled on internet

A memorial page

Brave heart whom knew

Beautiful brave boy

Who left for heavenly abode

Dying for Nation

Many years ago


I remembered him

We went to same school

He was good looking

pleasant and went to America

in a exchange program from school


He came from a business family

He chose the army and nation

A bright Vibrant luminescent life

The nation awarded second highest

Gallantry award posthumously

A beautiful brave boy


My only memory

We had attended a wedding

We were teenagers

It was at a five star hotel

Was intimidated by surrounding

Socially awkard

He spent the whole time

Chatting with me and making me comfortable

He didn’t have to

I was ever so grateful


Then many years ago

newspapers said he passed away a martyr

Heart broke and he was all of twenty three

A hero


I remember you friend

Remember your kindness

Remember your bravery

Only the brave are kind


I salute you

Cherish our little memory

Bright ,Brave, Beautiful

2nd Lt. Rishi Malhotra !!!


A Regret and a memory. That was the day for me yesterday. Life is precious. We must  do for others as others do for us. For the Brave. For the Beautiful. And for the kind.

So I leave with you a song ( Remix Bollywood song beautifully sung by Susheela Raman) . This is for my friend..

Hope you have a nice day! Thank you!







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