Meet Microsoft CEO : Satya Nadella

6 Feb

Meet Microsoft CEO : Satya Nadella

Microsoft announced Satya Nadella as its  third ever Chief Executive after  Bill Gates  and Steven A. Ballmer.  I think this is  brilliant news. I have always admired from afar America’s thrust towards meritocracy.  Indra  Nooyi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, PepsiCo has credited her ascension to meritocracy in United states and recently said in a NDTV award ceremony ” I was born in a great democracy and now live in a great democracy ” referring to India and United states. I really admire America for its thrust on meritocracy.  I believe this is what makes America the brightest nation at world stage notwithstanding debt or drug problem or 2 percent growth rate.

In India it is perhap’s still ” Whom you know” that prevails than ” What you know”. No wonder Government and crony capitalism prevails. The power of government to do good may not be much but it’s power to do harm is immense and immediate. Also there is immense focus on alma mater ” Which school you went to ” haven’t come across a single tombstone that mentions that and every body else is a fool. Why am i harping on this ?

It is because only in America a 46 year old bright Indian could have become CEO of a global inspirational organization.I doubt this would have been possible in Mr. Nadella’s native country. The parrots would have started singing ” IIT, IIT, IIT….”.  So I want to congratulate America. I want to congratulate its brilliant system of meritocracy. I want to congratulate Bill Gates. I want to congratulate Microsoft. I want to congratulate brilliant and bright Mr. Satya Nadella. This is great news.

To quote bright new CEO ” “I’m a learner,” Nadella says. “I think the thing that I realized is, what excites me is that I’m learning something. I can learn something about some area. I can learn something from people. I can learn something from doing things differently. And I admire that in other people, too. I fundamentally believe that if you are not learning new things … you stop doing great and useful things. So family, curiosity and hunger for knowledge all define me.”

Isn’t that wonderful ? I love that , a nondescript Indian like me also shares the same passion for ” learning,curiosity, hunger for knowledge and family”. Just for this, believe that he will be a Great CEO. If you are wickedly smart and you can empathize you should be very good for all….

I hope Microsoft will get a start up vibe under the new CEO.  Please  also see :

The article says ” In Mr. Nadella, Microsoft’s directors selected both a company insider and an engineer, suggesting that they viewed technical skill and intimacy with Microsoft’s sprawling businesses as critical for its next leader. It has often been noted that Microsoft was more successful under the leadership of Mr. Gates, a programmer and its first chief executive, than it was under Mr. Ballmer, who had a background in sales. Mr. Ballmer, 57, said in August that he was stepping down.

Mr. Nadella, 46, from Hyderabad, India, is only the third chief executive of Microsoft, an icon of American business that has struggled for position in big growth markets like mobile and Internet search. The company has correctly anticipated many of the biggest changes in technology — the rise of smartphones and tablet computers, to use two examples — but it has often fumbled the execution of products developed to capitalize on those changes.

It remains to be seen whether Mr. Nadella’s technical background, along with the closer involvement of Mr. Gates in product decisions, will give the company an edge it lacked during the Ballmer years.”

The answer is perhaps in new CEO’S first mail to employees “To paraphrase a quote from Oscar Wilde — we need to believe in the impossible and remove the improbable.

This starts with clarity of purpose and sense of mission that will lead us to imagine the impossible and deliver it. We need to prioritize innovation that is centered on our core value of empowering users and organizations to “do more.” We have picked a set of high-value activities as part of our One Microsoft strategy. And with every service and device launch going forward we need to bring more innovation to bear around these scenarios.

Next, every one of us needs to do our best work, lead and help drive cultural change. We sometimes underestimate what we each can do to make things happen and overestimate what others need to do to move us forward. We must change this.” Please see :

Satya Nadella will do fine. Microsoft  will do fine. Congratulations   Satya Nadella! Congratulations Microsoft! Congratulations America!

These are exiting times and wish you a lovely day friends! Satya Nadella!!!! Thank you!






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