No malice

28 Jan

I am trying an ideal

experimenting with a state

no malice now and never

none so ever


Is it possible?

is it desirable?

is it healthy?

“yes” for a soul

“guess yes” for health

“may be not” psychologically

can you still retain gumption?


Does it make you a dove

everyone’s favorite

nobody’s bet

does it preclude success ?

or would it facilitate

i don’t know


I do know

do not want to suffer any more

do not wish to sustain

mock fire and bitterness

dragon that swallows

you ,you and nothing but you

your cross too heavy

your redemption paltry


I want to be happy

i want to live

no malice now and never

none so ever


Do you remember me?

you who met last near a railway station

you told me ” there is bad news”

do you remember me..


Do you remember me

the one who worked your hallowed dream

at the airport, at the hotel, at the club, at  home

your dream fulfilled

do you remember me?


Do you remember

the one who you chose

never to be seen again

from your august world

do you remember me ?


Many more, many such..


I remember you

i remember you well

chose a path of love

having lived a harrowed hell

my self broken but never the spirit

mistake me not am no fool

not your lame duck one

not your average joe


I chose love

i choose love

i will fight

with out a father

without an arsenal

with love

no malice now and never

none so ever


I want to live

for my brother

for my sister

for my mother

for my friends

for an ideal

for you..


I want to work

i want to die in my baby’s arms

i want a family

no dreams, no surrender

no malice now and never

none so ever


To work that light

in every one

the other as me

no malice now and never

none so ever…..


I want to share these  imperfect lines for you dear friends. I believe there should be ” No malice, no inner and outer hell”. Its not easy but possible. Its a choice. Remember Gandhi. Remember Nelson Mandela. Hope you have a lovely day!

Thank you!










2 Responses to “No malice”

  1. Baldeep Kaur January 28, 2014 at 6:23 am #

    beautifully written. There is immense strength in power of goodness and in being humble. If you truly want to be fulfilled and successful at the same time, adopt these virtues. If you want to be just successful, then let your ego, pride and negative emotions run the show. Every action should be conscious, of its essence and consequence.

    • sureshvn January 28, 2014 at 7:04 am #

      Thanks much Deepa. Very kind of you and fully agree with you on power of goodness and humility. True it is these virtues which lead to fulfilling and successful lives. It is true every action should be conscious, am work in progress and trying to get better. Thanks much and grateful.

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